Who am I?

It’s time I redid this page. 

I’m AlbaCarol, but you can call me Carol.

I first started this blog in my last semester of college with a friend of mine as a required project. Meaning, it gets done or we fail.  That was in 2014.

After we graduated, I kind of fell in love with blogging. I like writing about what works for me and sharing my fitness journey with others. It’s a beautiful way to connect.

So now that I’ve reintroduced this blog, please enjoy time here and shoot me a message if you’d like. I’m friendly.


2 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. LycraLover says:

    Im sure you are more than such a pretty face. Keep us updated with your progress. Young fit and healthy with no kids – awesome time to build that core strength. My friend chris from chrisaerobics is also working on the whole healthy living thing – although Chris is doing aerobicise style!

    • Chris K. says:

      That’s right! My name is Chris Kennedy and I host ChrisAerobics onnn YouTube! That was my friend Paul called LycraLover that replied above me, but, I did not catch that until now over one year later! WOW. Well it’s great that you are keeping fit, I am on the road to getting fit now, still got a way to go but am excited about that! Yes I love doing it retro style and sometimes keeping up with the times too.

      Hope to hear from you soon PathtoHealthy!


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