Just Doing

I’m still here.

I’m having a few issues in life, personal life. You know, relationships and what not. I’m trying to navigate through it right now. But I am happy to say I have been in the gym two days in a row. Monday night. Tuesday morning. Both successful day.

The one thing that I can right now is that the gym does help take your mind off of shit like relationships. So there’s that.

Keep going to the gym. It helps.

❤ Carol. 


The Year of “Yes”

That’s what 2017 will be.

Yes – I am beautiful.

Yes – I am strong.

Yes – I am intelligent.

dreambigYes – I am sexy.

Yes – I have a career.

Yes – I can run a mile.

Yes – I have self discipline.

Yes – I am a hard worker.

Yes – I love myself.

Yes – I am a god fearing woman.

Yes – I am every woman; it’s all in me.

Yes – I can do anything I put my mind to.

Yes – I CAN and I WILL.

May 2017 be everything you wish it to be and so much more. Remember never doubt yourself; the only person standing in the way of your goals, wishes and dreams is you. – Alba. 

Heavier, but not defeated.

Yo, 1-2 1-2..

Weird way to start a blog, but I’m listening to the Insecure season 1 soundtrack


Currently my favorite series.

and I’m feeling good.

This is despite the fact that I’ve gained 30lbs. That’s right 30 lbs. And now, I stand at a good 170lbs. I was upset this morning – not going to front – but am I defeated? No sir. Because in some weird way I am motivated. Like a real fire. Seriously. I know, I know, I’ve been on kind of slump but that doesn’t mean I have to stay that way. While I am heavier I still have some what of a slim appearance; that tells me that the little bit that I am doing at the gym (once or twice a week) works. What doesn’t work is what I’m putting into my mouth.

In fact (now my favorite segway, so if I say it a lot sorry y’all) last night I had a Whopper with cheese and bacon, and fries on the side. And it was good – but it wasn’t great. And as much as I want to deny this — it wasn’t worth it. At all.


even when you want to stop

That’s why today I started fresh. A lot of water, an energy drink, pork rinds instead of chips (less calories true life) , chicken tenders with veggies and baked beans; tonight I plan on having Turkey with Veggies or just a protein shake after the gym.


I know I’m not the only one out there that has to constantly start over – but the main thing about starting over is that your not giving up. Frankly, I’m motivated to keep going, I deserve to be happy with my self. I will do right by my body and health – with a couple of wine glasses on the way, but I’m going to do it. Real talk ’cause I’m motivated.

Olympic Motivation

I’ve been on vaca for a minute and that allows me to watch as much of the Rio Olympic games as I want. And guys, I can’t get enough of it!

Those athletes work so hard that it just makes me want to work harder. There’s just something about that competitive spirit, and we’re not even going to talk about their


That moment Simone Manuel realized she made history as the first African American Woman to win gold in a swimming event. Image Credit: USA today


bodies. I mean really almost every athlete, in the Olympics, are in tip top shape.

My favorite events are in track and field which start today — but I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the swimming and gymnastic events! So good!

I mean Michael Phelps? Really? He’s 31 and still beating these new and upcoming swimmers. Is that dedication or what? That man trained hard, worked on his speed, his breathing and his technique and he’s coming out on top. Literally. We’re talking about the world’s most decorated Olympian here.

And we’re not even going to get on the Women’s Gymnastic’s Team, better known as the “Final Five.” They are so amazing! Ofcourse, they won gold in the Team Event and then two of them: Simone and Aly won gold and silver respectively in the All-Around Event.

bestfriend goals ❣

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That’s so awesome and so inspiring. When I learned more of their backstories these girls (and other athletes, I’m sure) gave up a lot to put their all into their sport and their craft. Training day in and out, eating right I’m sure and really just keeping their heads in the game.

The beauty of those athletes and the Olympics in general is that — regular people like myself can do the same thing. Meaning if I work hard, focus on my goal and really give it my all I can accomplish it.

So you know what? My gold medal will be my banging body, great health and really just a sense of accomplishment.

That’s why I love the Olympics because those athletes make me want to do better. They also make me want to train in a specific sport (like track) day in and day out — but you catch my drift.

Use the games as motivation to be the best you — and get that gold. 😉

Weight, nothing but a numero

This topic has been on my mind for a while. Sometimes, we all stress about the number we see on the scale; but if you haven’t heard, that’s not always the most important thing. In fact, when you’re first starting out it should be the least of your worries. Why? Because honestly the number won’t go down as fast unless your doing something that could really jeopardize your health.

Instead, listen to your body. Now, I’m no expert. But what I do know is how good I start


Image: Hayathfitness

feeling once I start eating right, drinking water and hitting the gym. No lie, I start sleeping so much better, my skin starts looking better and my overall being just feels good. And who doesn’t want that? And once you start feeling good, my friends, every thing starts falling into place.

That’s where I currently am in my path to fitness. I’m feeling extremely good being mindful of what I eat and exuding positive energy that I’m ultimately receiving back 😉

I do check my weight at least once a week to see my progress, preferably in the a.m. That helps me see what I’m doing right or if I need to change something.

But you know what’s even better? When your clothes start feeling loose. Yes God!

Happy energy 😉

Protein in the Morning

Not the most yummiest sounding thing ever — but it’s actually kind of nice.

It’s 9 a.m. in Florida and I have a track workout in an hour or so. Instead of making the typical oatmeal and scrambled egg whites, I decided to go for a blue berry protein shake with Kale. There I have my greens, protein and sweetness. It’s definitely different without the hassle of having to use pots and pans. And even better, it’s easy.

If you have a blender, or my favorite a magic bullet, all you have to do is put all the ingredients in the container and blend. Here’s what I use:

  • cup of milk (Lactaid for me)

    Photo on 7-20-16 at 8.57 AM

    My shake is in this christmas mug, because I’m desperately waiting for the most wonderful time of the year. #reallife

  • half cup of ice, give or take
  • All the leaves off of a long stalk of Kale (doesn’t matter what kind)
  • Two fresh mint leaves (minty taste, yasss baby yasss)
  • A spoonful of chia seeds
  • Two or three spoons of frozen blueberries
  • and my fav — Jamie Eason’s Vanilla Protein one scoop

Make sure it’s super blended and creamy, and enjoy my friends.

Progress is Progress

Yes, it’s true.

slow-progressIf you went to a store and parked a little bit further to get some extra steps in, that’s progress. You took the stairs at work instead of the elevator, that’s progress. Ordered the burger at your favorite restaurant without the cheese? Oh yeah, that’s progress.

In my case, for three days straight, I’ve been to the gym baby! I’ve also taken my vitamins and I even meal prepped on Sunday. Oh yeah — that’s progress.

I’m not saying I’m back to my old self or anything, but it’s a start on the right track. And I’m very proud of myself. Some people think you have to go cold turkey and go to the gym and start on a diet super hard. Now don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with that; but even if you start off little by little, incorporating healthier steps into your life then you’re making major progress.

Pat yourself on the back.
I’m proud of ya. Shoot, I’m definitely proud of myself. 😉

What healthier steps have you done today to better your life?

Sexy in Shape

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of working out with my girlfriends at this Sexy in Shape Stiletto Dance class. To describe it in one word: amazing.

The beginning of the class was an uptempo hip-hop fitness routine. It incorporated squats, lunges, a little bit of fist-pumps and a little bit of dropping it low. It was great. Something comparable to the likes of Zumba, Tae Bo and Shaun T’s Hip-Hop Abs. It was THAT good. After the cardio, we cooled down with a slow-tempo song (last week it was JoJo’s, “Demonstrate“). We learned the dance in sneakers and then changed in to our heels. Talk about a cool down.

Not only do you feel yourself working for a body you want — but then you feel sexy. We moved sultry-like and seductive.

Sexy in Shape Class.

Sexy in Shape Class.

This is the third time that I’ve been to the class, and each time I have sweated my butt off. I plan on making this apart of my weekly fitness routine.

Going to the gym is great, but it doesn’t hurt to try out different forms of working out — like taking a dance fitness class. Whether it be Zumba, Tae Bo or a Hip-Hop Fitness Dance Class with a Stiletto cool down — the point is to burn those calories and feel good about it.

I felt so good about it, I wrote about it. And I’m so glad that there’s a class in Jacksonville that allows me to experience that.

Have you ever been to a class like this?

So, I’ve seen the gym in how long?

So, it’s been a while since my last post.

It’s also been a while since I last worked out.

However, I have been mentally at peace – because of a few other things I’m doing.

When you look good, you feel good. I love feeling like this.

When you look good, you feel good. I love feeling like this.

I now finally have time to write something. But I need to write something with substance. Something that relates to what this blog is for. I mean, because that’s the whole point. Right?

Later on today (like in about 21 minutes to be exact), I’ll be heading out to the gym. I’m going to do cardio and then lift weights. For my arms.

I’ve started running again. I keep starting and stopping for a few weeks at a time and that’s no good. Especially, if I’m going to run in the Gate River Run 15k. I’ve been running it for three years straight. This year it will be no different (hopefully). I have to get pass these miserable 3 miles. However, once I’m at six miles then I know that running the 15k will be a breeze. It’s a runners thing. Like, you just know.

I hate that I haven’t been as consistent as I usually am. I don’t know why I haven’t gone running or been in the gym, like I use to. It feels like at times,  I’m trying to do to many things at once. Then, once I get home all I really want to do is cook some food, clean up my apartment and watch T.V. with my boo. Sometimes, life is just good like that. Still, fitness is something that I’ve worked hard for and I realize that sometimes you have to make a sacrifice. Whether it be getting up early in the morning before work to get that morning workout in, or right after work, it is paramount (at least for me) to make that effort.

I know that and sometimes I just need that extra push to get me going. With that being said, I have to get dressed to take my butt to the gym.

It’s calling my name. Not literally, ofcourse.

Beginning a Fitness Journey All Over Again

I’ve slacked on my body. Terribly.

Three months ago, I was in a car accident. I injured my back and have been seeing a chiropractor since. I wasn’t allowed to run or workout at the gym for quite some time because I had to get better. That alone killed me. It was hard for me to eat healthy because I literally had no time. I got a new job. I had doctor appointments in the mornings and by the time I arrived home I had to cook, clean and finally have some ME time. I know, it sounds like excuses – but I can’t help but think there are so many other people that go through the same thing. Maybe, not necessarily a car accident, but unexpected events that slow you down on certain goals. I’m here to say I experienced it too, and I’m not ashamed. It’s life. It happens. Period. However, once the opportunity arises for a comeback you have to take it! And that’s exactly what I’m doing, now.


I have slowly begun weight training and running again. Last week I woke up stupid early – like at 4:30 – to head to the gym, workout and make it in time to my doctor’s appointments, and then to work. It was hard, but totally worth it. Two days ago, I ran 2.77 miles (although, in my defense, I totally thought the route I had taken was three miles).  The run was hard. I continued to get wedgies throughout the entire 30 something minutes. (Wedgies totally suck by the way, I forgot how much they did.) AND I was slow. Super slow. But I didn’t stop. That’s all that matters.

My fitness progress took a set back when I was in that car accident. But thanks to GOD I am alive well, and beginning my fitness journey all over again. And you know what – I’m going to make this journey even better than the last!