Let’s Talk Water

There is no wrong with water, there is only right. I mean think about it. Water is the substance of life. We absolutely can NOT survive without water. That’s incredible.

Our bodies need water so they can stay properly hydrated. I mean think about it – you can starve yourself all you want – but you can only go about 3 days without water. Google it.water2.jpg

Every time you drink water it goes to all of the major components of your body: your brain, lungs, kidneys and even your joints. How do you expect to run long distances or lift as heavy as possible if your body, your cells and your bones aren’t filled with the substance to keep you going. It’s simple, you can’t.

I know there are some people who just don’t like the taste but that’s an easy fix. And I’m not talking about Gatorade or any high calorie sports drink for that matter.  In fact, there are natural ingredients that can replenish electrolytes when mixed with water (if you really are working out that hard). Whatever the case – if you needed a reason to drink water, here’s a few:

  1. – Our bodies are 60 – 70 % water. (remember it’s going to brains, blood, muscle all that jazz)

2. – It helps you digest and absorb all the nutrients you need properly. How do you think the chemical reactions in your stomach go about? Not with air, that’s for sure. You need water to help transport all of your nutrients.

3. – Water apparently also helps us metabolize store fat. (okay, that I didn’t know) Not only that but it suppresses the appetite naturally, which I can attest to.  Think about it: when you think your hungry, and then you have a glass of water naturally that thought dissipates (get it?). Conventional wisdom will tell you people mistake hunger for thirst all the time.

4. Lastly, and probably the most obvious, water helps you cool down. Ask any runner, ask any lifter. Nothing taste better than a swig of water after a good race.

Personally, I’ve loved drinking water for as long as I can remember. My dad would say I’m a fish. However, as I’ve aged, I have noticed I have to remember to drink water. I can get so engulfed in my own work that I don’t even realize I’m thirsty. And then I end up going for the wrong thing. Like apple pie or ice cream, when all I really need is some water.

Now, I’ve researched how much water the body needs and the general consensus is 8 glasses of 8 ounces a day. But here’s the kicker – there’s no real evidence supporting that. If you have time, check out this Dartmouth Medical School study – or this comprehensive article on hydration and water. Prepared to have your mind blown.

water3].jpgThe one thing I have come to agree with is that you drink when you are thirsty.  Also, there’s water in almost everything natural that we eat. If you don’t know whether your hydrated or not – you can always check your urine. Your body will not, can not, lie to you.

The main thing is to keep hydrated and if you are working out hard body, drink more water
. It really does help keep you full and help that digestive system, you feel me. 

I’m thirsty right now writing about water but I got a nice cup of ice-cold water right next to me.

Alba ❤


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Little Progress is Progress

So get this.

I started a fitness program exactly 28 days ago. I wanted to lose at least 15 pounds. Well, today is the last day of the program and guess how many pounds I’ve lost?


Yup. That’s it. That’s shit. But I’m not defeated. It’s my fault. Absolutely.

  1. I haven’t completely followed the program.
  2. I did not work out every day.
  3. My nutrition was shit.

But I blame all of that on my current lifestyle. I work overnight and my schedule is lego-man-workout.jpgconstantly changing. Saturdays and Sunday’s I work 12 hour days – you think I want to work out after that? No. Not at all. Then 3 days out of the week I’m still working overnight 8-10 hours; but twice as hard because I don’t have help. It’s fucking tiring, man. I really feel like I’m in this position because of my lifestyle. I know people say well you make time for what you want but I mean I’m so fucking tired like… what the fuck.

And then having to track my nutrition? Fuck me.

Sorry, I didn’t mean for this to be such an explicit laced blog – it was supposed to be motivating. So here’s a little bit of motivation. I’m not going to stop trying. I know I’m making excuses as to why that program didn’t work out – but you know what? I still have hope. I still think I can do something better even with everything else thats gone wrong   (like: having a huge kind of break up during the program and my mom getting into a car accident, and me literally losing my shit – mental-). You see… life happens. That’s why you can’t give up.

So yeah.. I only lost 3 pounds – And I don’t care how any one sees it… because I see it as PROGRESS.

Alba ❤ 

New Beginnings, New Filter

February 1st – the beginning of a new month.

Filter:  it can be used as a noun or a verb. Merriam-Webster describes it as a porous article or mass (as of paper or sand) through which a gas or liquid is passed to separate out matter in suspension.

The way I see it, the start of a new month should be fresh, clean and full of promise. No negativity, no slacking and no whining. So, how do we do that in a world that is always showing us what we don’t have, or what we should be doing or what we should aspire to be? Easy. You filter it out.

Let’s say you started your day off right (whatever it is that you do) whether it be meditating, working out, reading your bible and a good cup of coffee. So you’re day is starting off pretty great, right? Then you go to work and your met with co-workers who complain about work. This is where your filter comes in: put your headphones on. 🙂 Seriously, block it all out. If you can’t do that politely nod and go to the break room for a sec and come back – or simply use your words as a porous article  to separate the useless information that you’re hearing from your co-workers. Like, “girl Janet is always coming in here thinking she got it like that, she be getting on my nerves, ”  then you reply disinterested “oh, okay.”  And that’s that.

Filtering your life can be used as a means of getting all the rotten things out that aren’t going to help you move forward. And I’m all about moving forward.

With that being said, start your month anew. Begin fresh and follow through with the goals that you have for yourself. Write them down, read them out loud and don’t fail yourself because that’s who you’re doing it for. And use your filter to get only the good things out of life.
via Daily Prompt: Filter

Oatmeal for Breakfast

It’s not always good, I’ll admit.

But it gets the job done. Fills you up, keeps your satisfied and gives you nutrients. I actually made really salty oatmeal today and was pretty upset about it. I used way too much salt. I really should’ve just tasted it to be on the safe side but it’s cool. I simply just put some bananas and almond butter and mostly ate the parts with bananas. It gave it a bit of a sweet and salty taste.

I digress.

This post is about the oat. Why is it good for you? I’d like to think because of the insoluble fiber meaning: you get to go to the bathroom more often. And that’s a good thing. Great

Porridge with berries (1)

Credit: Health.com, visit for oatmeal recipes.

thing, actually. But really it’s so much more.

There are three main things that makes oats the superfood that it is:

  • Soluble/Insoluble Fiber
  • Heart Healthy 
  • Naturally Gluten-Free

Not to mention, it can also be quite taste when you do it right – don’t follow my saltiness ha!

The fibers in oatmeal are actually so good for you they help form a gel to help lower cholesterol and stabilize blood glucose levels. Nutritionist Bonnie Taub-Dix also says, it helps create a “moving” experience for your intestinal health.

In terms of heart healthy, the nutrients in oatmeal is pretty set on. According to Whole Foods, oats can lower cholesterol levels because of the natural fibers. Not only that, but experts note: eating high fiber foods like oats can prevent heart disease. That’s what I’m talking about.

And if you have Celiac Disease, Oatmeal is perfect for that. Most brands are naturally gluten-free but it’s better to be safe than sorry. I would make sure the packaging for the oats says certified gluten free.

Overall, oats are pretty tasty when they’re done right. There’s so many different types, like steal cut oats, instant oatmeal or rolled oats (which are my fav). The only thing I would note is to be careful with instant oatmeal only because sometimes the flavored ones may have too much sugars. Instead, get a good cup of rolled oats – boil some water, drop in your oats and after, add your own spices; you can also add your own frozen fruits! The hot oatmeal will just make it creamy.

Spice it up and eat something good for your body. Just be careful on the salt!

More Avocado, Please

As a Caribbean gal, I love me some Avocado. It goes great on the side of any meal like: rice and beans with some pollo guisado; or platanos con salami; and of course, guacamole (duh!) The latter two are a few staples that I grew up eating being Dominican and all, and honestly, that’s probably why I love Avocado. All you need is a little bit of salt and your pretty much Gucci (good to go).

In fact, I just had half of an Avocado like 40 minutes ago with a little bit of salt. Oh man, was that good. But you know what’s even better? The fact that it’s a healthy. Lord Jesus, I’m about to teach y’all a little something because you if you didn’t know about how

good this was for you — your about to find out.


Credit: LifeHack.Org

First of all let’s get into texture. It is so smooth and creamy, with a rich texture and it also taste kind of like “cool”. Like it gives you a cool feeling.

Most avocados look pear-shaped, like the picture in the article and if the outer shell is bright green normally means they haven’t ripened which is good – they last a bit longer in your home; but once they start turning brown they’re at a perfect spot for cutting and eating. If you try cutting it while it’s still bright green, it’ll be hard and the taste will definitely not be as smooth. Trust me you got to be patient with this bad boy.

The most popular type of avocado is the Hass Avocado. Check out the stats:

According to Authority Nutrition:

  • it only has 160 calories
  • 2 grams of protein
  • 15 grams of healthy fat
  • 9 grams of carbs, 7 of those are fiber so technically there are only 2 “net” carbs. That makes it a low carb friendly plant food.

Did I forget to mention the taste is amazing.  Aside from its quick stats, Avocados are overall good for several health issues as well.

Credit: Seattle Times

Credit: Seattle Times

I checked a few sites, including LiveScience, and most included these facts –

The fruit is good for your heart (because Avocados are high in mono and polyunsaturated fats – experts say that could help reduce blood levels and decrease risk of heart disease).

It can also regulate blood pressure because of its high levels of potassium; prevent birth defects if your pregnant (because of its folic acid) and even help reduce the risk of certain cancers.

Overall, Avocados are the real deal people. I love the fruit (that looks like a vegetable).

Try putting some in a shake. I like putting about a quarter of an avocado with some kale, spinach, pineapple, half a banana and about a cup of water. Voila. It tastes amazing and imagine all the nutrients you’re getting because of all the green. 😉

Need some more super easy Avocado inspiration?                                                                                 Check out BuzzFeeds 29 Super-Easy Avocado Recipes.

The Year of “Yes”

That’s what 2017 will be.

Yes – I am beautiful.

Yes – I am strong.

Yes – I am intelligent.

dreambigYes – I am sexy.

Yes – I have a career.

Yes – I can run a mile.

Yes – I have self discipline.

Yes – I am a hard worker.

Yes – I love myself.

Yes – I am a god fearing woman.

Yes – I am every woman; it’s all in me.

Yes – I can do anything I put my mind to.

Yes – I CAN and I WILL.

May 2017 be everything you wish it to be and so much more. Remember never doubt yourself; the only person standing in the way of your goals, wishes and dreams is you. – Alba. 

Heavier, but not defeated.

Yo, 1-2 1-2..

Weird way to start a blog, but I’m listening to the Insecure season 1 soundtrack


Currently my favorite series.

and I’m feeling good.

This is despite the fact that I’ve gained 30lbs. That’s right 30 lbs. And now, I stand at a good 170lbs. I was upset this morning – not going to front – but am I defeated? No sir. Because in some weird way I am motivated. Like a real fire. Seriously. I know, I know, I’ve been on kind of slump but that doesn’t mean I have to stay that way. While I am heavier I still have some what of a slim appearance; that tells me that the little bit that I am doing at the gym (once or twice a week) works. What doesn’t work is what I’m putting into my mouth.

In fact (now my favorite segway, so if I say it a lot sorry y’all) last night I had a Whopper with cheese and bacon, and fries on the side. And it was good – but it wasn’t great. And as much as I want to deny this — it wasn’t worth it. At all.


even when you want to stop

That’s why today I started fresh. A lot of water, an energy drink, pork rinds instead of chips (less calories true life) , chicken tenders with veggies and baked beans; tonight I plan on having Turkey with Veggies or just a protein shake after the gym.


I know I’m not the only one out there that has to constantly start over – but the main thing about starting over is that your not giving up. Frankly, I’m motivated to keep going, I deserve to be happy with my self. I will do right by my body and health – with a couple of wine glasses on the way, but I’m going to do it. Real talk ’cause I’m motivated.

Trying to Figure Out My Life

I’m in an unfamiliar place right now. broken-pencil

I don’t know how to move forward.

I don’t know what  I really want out of life — like what I really want to do.

Should I go back to school to get a Masters because that’s what successful people do?

How do I listen to God? What’s the best plan so I’m serving him to the best of my ability.

I’m so out of it.




Olympic Motivation

I’ve been on vaca for a minute and that allows me to watch as much of the Rio Olympic games as I want. And guys, I can’t get enough of it!

Those athletes work so hard that it just makes me want to work harder. There’s just something about that competitive spirit, and we’re not even going to talk about their


That moment Simone Manuel realized she made history as the first African American Woman to win gold in a swimming event. Image Credit: USA today


bodies. I mean really almost every athlete, in the Olympics, are in tip top shape.

My favorite events are in track and field which start today — but I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the swimming and gymnastic events! So good!

I mean Michael Phelps? Really? He’s 31 and still beating these new and upcoming swimmers. Is that dedication or what? That man trained hard, worked on his speed, his breathing and his technique and he’s coming out on top. Literally. We’re talking about the world’s most decorated Olympian here.

And we’re not even going to get on the Women’s Gymnastic’s Team, better known as the “Final Five.” They are so amazing! Ofcourse, they won gold in the Team Event and then two of them: Simone and Aly won gold and silver respectively in the All-Around Event.

bestfriend goals ❣

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That’s so awesome and so inspiring. When I learned more of their backstories these girls (and other athletes, I’m sure) gave up a lot to put their all into their sport and their craft. Training day in and out, eating right I’m sure and really just keeping their heads in the game.

The beauty of those athletes and the Olympics in general is that — regular people like myself can do the same thing. Meaning if I work hard, focus on my goal and really give it my all I can accomplish it.

So you know what? My gold medal will be my banging body, great health and really just a sense of accomplishment.

That’s why I love the Olympics because those athletes make me want to do better. They also make me want to train in a specific sport (like track) day in and day out — but you catch my drift.

Use the games as motivation to be the best you — and get that gold. 😉

Weight, nothing but a numero

This topic has been on my mind for a while. Sometimes, we all stress about the number we see on the scale; but if you haven’t heard, that’s not always the most important thing. In fact, when you’re first starting out it should be the least of your worries. Why? Because honestly the number won’t go down as fast unless your doing something that could really jeopardize your health.

Instead, listen to your body. Now, I’m no expert. But what I do know is how good I start


Image: Hayathfitness

feeling once I start eating right, drinking water and hitting the gym. No lie, I start sleeping so much better, my skin starts looking better and my overall being just feels good. And who doesn’t want that? And once you start feeling good, my friends, every thing starts falling into place.

That’s where I currently am in my path to fitness. I’m feeling extremely good being mindful of what I eat and exuding positive energy that I’m ultimately receiving back 😉

I do check my weight at least once a week to see my progress, preferably in the a.m. That helps me see what I’m doing right or if I need to change something.

But you know what’s even better? When your clothes start feeling loose. Yes God!

Happy energy 😉