Vacationing & Working Out?

Vacation is synonymous with the word relax, no stress, letting everything go and enjoying life. Does that mean that working out goes out the window, or is left behind wherever you leave from? Honestly, it depends on the person.

Since working out, in many ways is synonymous with relieving stress there aren’t many reasons why a person shouldn’t work out. Last week I celebrated 24 years of life in my home country, Dominican Republic. In the mornings, almost like clockwork, I would get up and start doing my Mankofit_Challenge workouts. I rocked it, and then I sat by my window with a nice drink in my hand, overlooking “el malecon” which is the beautiful beach/sea. It was great. Nothing un-vactionlike.

Vacation, view from my bedroom.

View of “El Malecon”

The idea is not to see exercise as a tedious task, or something your being forced to do. I know that when I vacation, I’m going to eat whatever I want, and enjoy myself as much as possible, but, you see, working out is a part of my weekly routine. It’s like washing my face, or flossing! It’s just something I do, and it makes me feel good. Also, I know that it’s doing my body good, just like the vacation is doing my mind good. When I do as such, I feel at peace with my mind and my body. Vacation is great for that. I can work out in peace and relax at the same time.

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider working out while on vacation:

  1. So that you can relax in your hotels Jacuzzi and enjoy a martini afterwards.
  2. To relax by the pool in your bikini or short shorts, drinking cranberry and vodka (or your drink of choice) afterwards.
  3. To help keep your weight in some kind of balance while your eating all the goodies you like.
  4. To be at ease and at peace with your mind and body.

Now, I’m not saying to go on your vacation and workout everyday, and worry yourself about gaining weight or anything like that. Of course not. It’s a vacation! But what I am saying is that there is no harm in doing so, and it’s still a vacation if you fit in an exercise or two!

Happy Vacationing, and healthy living.

4. To be at ease and at peace with your mind and body.