I Came To Win

Today, I woke up with those thoughts in my head.

I. Came. To. Win.

It’s Friday, but that doesn’t mean it’s another day to slack off. On the contrary, I want to go even harder than I went yesterday. Meaning, I want to do more. I want to make the most out of my day. The most out of my day at the gym, the most out of my day while I’m working, the most out of just everything in life.

I’m taking today as a competition. You see, I’ve already been to the gym five days in a row this week. And usually, that would be enough. But I’m trying to be better than enough. Better than average. So I’m heading to the gym today for the sixth day in a row. I’m trying to look good and live my best life now!


Allyson Felix at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. One of my favorite runners. 

I am already seeing progress as well. For instance, I lost a good 3.5 pounds. I say good because I’ve slowly been changing eating habits (to make eating healthy more of a habit). No supplements, no get thinner faster stuff — no nothing like that. Just working hard. I want to prove to  myself that I can do it. Because I’m a winner.

Reading back on that last line, it reminds me of motivational speakers. But that’s why they’re so good at what they do. They motivate. They help people get to that next level and realize they’re true potential.

Take a look at one of my favorite speakers Eric Thomas below I listen to him everyday while I’m lifting weights at the gym. And you know what? It helps me finish my workout like I’m supposed to. Beast mode baby, all day!

If you’re going to the gym go in #beastmode #killit !

P.S. Today is leg day 😉



The Year of “Yes”

That’s what 2017 will be.

Yes – I am beautiful.

Yes – I am strong.

Yes – I am intelligent.

dreambigYes – I am sexy.

Yes – I have a career.

Yes – I can run a mile.

Yes – I have self discipline.

Yes – I am a hard worker.

Yes – I love myself.

Yes – I am a god fearing woman.

Yes – I am every woman; it’s all in me.

Yes – I can do anything I put my mind to.

Yes – I CAN and I WILL.

May 2017 be everything you wish it to be and so much more. Remember never doubt yourself; the only person standing in the way of your goals, wishes and dreams is you. – Alba. 

Olympic Motivation

I’ve been on vaca for a minute and that allows me to watch as much of the Rio Olympic games as I want. And guys, I can’t get enough of it!

Those athletes work so hard that it just makes me want to work harder. There’s just something about that competitive spirit, and we’re not even going to talk about their


That moment Simone Manuel realized she made history as the first African American Woman to win gold in a swimming event. Image Credit: USA today


bodies. I mean really almost every athlete, in the Olympics, are in tip top shape.

My favorite events are in track and field which start today — but I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the swimming and gymnastic events! So good!

I mean Michael Phelps? Really? He’s 31 and still beating these new and upcoming swimmers. Is that dedication or what? That man trained hard, worked on his speed, his breathing and his technique and he’s coming out on top. Literally. We’re talking about the world’s most decorated Olympian here.

And we’re not even going to get on the Women’s Gymnastic’s Team, better known as the “Final Five.” They are so amazing! Ofcourse, they won gold in the Team Event and then two of them: Simone and Aly won gold and silver respectively in the All-Around Event.

bestfriend goals ❣

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That’s so awesome and so inspiring. When I learned more of their backstories these girls (and other athletes, I’m sure) gave up a lot to put their all into their sport and their craft. Training day in and out, eating right I’m sure and really just keeping their heads in the game.

The beauty of those athletes and the Olympics in general is that — regular people like myself can do the same thing. Meaning if I work hard, focus on my goal and really give it my all I can accomplish it.

So you know what? My gold medal will be my banging body, great health and really just a sense of accomplishment.

That’s why I love the Olympics because those athletes make me want to do better. They also make me want to train in a specific sport (like track) day in and day out — but you catch my drift.

Use the games as motivation to be the best you — and get that gold. 😉

Stay Inspired

Hello. Yes, it’s been a minute. I haven’t been on this blog in a while, and frankly, I haven’t been showing it much love. Truth is I haven’t been as active (physically that is) as I’d like to be. I’ve gained weight, I’ve been working and I’ve been trying to find myself. Regardless of the fact, I still believe that I can achieve the physique and mental happiness that I truly desire.

So everyday I take out some time to get caught up on some fitness individuals that I


I’m always inspired by Massy!             Mankofit via TrimmedandToned

admire including – Jamie Eason Middleton, Mankofit and KatyHearnFit (check them out they’re super motivating.)

I also try to meditate everyday, and of course, pray.

Don’t lose sight of your goals. Stay  inspired. I know it’s a struggle for me, but I feel uncomfortable not practicing what I preach. So until then, I may be ghost for a while on this blog, at least until I get some stability in my life. Nevertheless, Stay Inspired.



Alba’s Got Her Groove Back

Yeah, you read right. I AM getting my groove back, and can’t nobody tell me nothing.

My life is finally aligning the way I want it to be… I’ve got my dream job, my relationship is going great with my love and my family, and not to mention I’m feeling good about everything. Including my body!

I mean..  Take a look at this pick and decide for yourself. Don’t I look good?

When you feeling yourself at the gym. 👌😏😉😅 #fitness #gymtime #igetsitin

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I am truly feeling myself. I’m giving life everything I’ve got making sure every effort doesn’t go unnotice. You feel me?

Currently, I’m working the grave yard shift but I find time to run and go to the gym. (I have reluctantly went back to my old gym… But that’s another story for another day.)

It’s crazy. Although, I’m not at the weight I’d like to be in, my state of mind is happy. I know that I’m working towards the goal, as well as working in my career and just going about life. It’s surreal. And I thank God – because I’d never thought I’d be in such a place. Loving yourself and being where you want to be, not only physically but in life (and mentally) is like SO IMPORTANT.

I’m working on… something special for this blog, I’m excited to take you guys on my journey. I’ll be writing again soon!

No Time To Function, Plenty of Time to Eat


How I felt every time I heard the gym calling my name!

Hello Fitness lovers, Clean Eaters, Running Fanatics it’s been awhile.

Excuse the hiatus, but I kind of had this summer school, work, internship thing going on. I’m finally starting to get back into the groove of things. Well, at least I think so.
Since, my last post I was getting ready to embark on a new school semester, a new job schedule and a new internship. All three of those things took a toll on my body.

It was hard.

I was sleeping about 4 to 5 hours a day — during the day. And let’s be honest, when you live on the second floor, of a busy street, in front of the court house, who can really sleep? Right? Needless to say it was difficult for me. On top of that, I missed so many days of working out, running, and heading to the gym because I was either too tired, had to go to work or just didn’t have time. So, what did I do? I turned to food.

Yup, not even going to lie. I relied on fast food for a quick fix and then would go hours without eating. My weight has fluctuated so much it’s crazy. One week I gain 3 to 4 pounds, the next week I lost 6. That’s not good and it’s certainly not healthy.

But, I think I’m coming back around. I have two weeks left of my internship and I’m doing pretty darn good. I’m finally getting into a schedule of things at work and school is almost over! I’ve also done much of my short and long papers ahead of time, so I’m pretty much ready. Now, the next thing that’s in store for me is a job search as reporter in a small market (if God permits) and getting my fitness into tip top shape.

Thank you for understanding me, Mr. Gosling.

Thank you for understanding me, Mr. Gosling.

Because I like being healthy, and I gotta look good whenever I get on camera. Not going to lie.

So, yeah. I messed up during the past two months. I had no time to function, but I found plenty of time to eat – badly. That’s okay. I’m human. I messed up and I’m not perfect. Now, that I realized it, I can get back on track. It won’t be easy but it’ll definitely be a challenge.

And honestly, I can’t wait to see the results!

– Alba love 

Getting Back to Basics, Walking & Running

It’s been approximately six days, since I  walked across the stage as I heard my name being called followed by a Magna Cum Laude, which means my GPA is thebomb.com. I can’t begin to explain how amazing of a feeling that is! All the long nights of studying and writing papers has finally paid off. I only have my internship left in the summer, and one media class where I’m preparing news videos on my own, creating my own stories and my own news packages, which is what I ‘ll be doing for a living; and I must say, I can’t wait to get started. After the summer, my bachelor’s will be fully completed and I will have my official Bachelor of Science degree in Converged Communications. To say that I am absolutely proud of myself is an understatement, I have kicked butt!

Is that enough self boasting? I think so. But in case it wasn’t… I’m pretty awesome.

“I’m cheesing, I know.”

Now to get a couple of these monkeys off my back, and take notice of the giant elephant in the room… I haven’t run in about a week and a half. I know, I know, running for me is probably going to suck, for a while.  That’s why I’m starting with baby steps. I’ll start by getting on the treadmill, or running outside, for a few minutes and then walking. I’ll increase my running time every week, until I get to the point where I’m running again! It sucks. And I’m sad to say this, but I’m a little upset at the fact that I wasn’t able to organize my time so that I could fit in working out (the way I wanted to) in my schedule.

But that’s okay. I’m dusting the shirt off of my shoulders and I’m getting back on that horse. (Weird expression, possibly not the right one.) I’m motivated and I’m excited to go hard at the gym and have fun while doing it!

Pointers for people who are just getting back into their regular fitness routine:

  • DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP: It’s been awhile, let your body get use to the new routine. Don’t jeopardize your health because you’re not where you use (or want) to be.

    Photo Credit: Tumblr @Super Fit

    Photo Credit: Tumblr @Super Fit

  • BABY STEPS/ BIG STEPS: Ease into it, and then once you have your groove back — go hard!
  • MOTIVATE YOURSELF: Do whatever you have to do. Follow people on Instagram, Read motivational blogs. Place a picture in your room of what you’re striving to achieve, and do what you need to do!


I am a natural runner at heart, and it may or may not take me long to get back to running my long distances; but it’s not because I’m a “natural runner,” it’s because I’m going to work my butt off. No lie. True story. It may take me some baby steps, or I might just easily be able to start running, but I tell you what… I will not quit.

Just like I worked hard to be able to walk across that stage, proudly as an honor student (oh yeah, your girl is smart) I will work hard to get my fitness up to par.

Just cause you look skinny, don’t mean you fit, and I need to be fit!

Photo Credit: Arizona Foot Hills Magazine

Photo Credit: Arizona Foot Hills Magazine


To Race or Not to Race…That is the Question

On March 15, 2014 the Annual Gate River Run will take place in downtown Jacksonville. The Gate River Run is a 15k race, the largest 15k race in America. I had decided back in January that I would be participating within the race. Have I since January prepared for this race? No, no I have not. Have I been choosing to enjoy a bachelorette cruise and a weeklong celebration of mine and my sister’s birthday? Why yes, yes I have. I am dehydrated, bloated, exhausted, and am in pure disbelief that I have agreed to participate The Gate River Run this Saturday.


The Gate River Run 2013 Image credit via Facebook @ Gate River Run Team Gate

I am absolutely terrified that I’m going to fail horribly and have to get picked up in one of those “no man gets left behind” shuttle buses. Like I said though, I told myself that I would do it so, therefore, I am going to suffer through this brutal race. I am literally depending on keeping hydrated and eating healthy all this week so that I can just have somewhat of a shot of doing a mediocre at best in this race.

The only person to blame is myself for not properly preparing for this race. To be honest I slacked off, I will admit it. I partied hard this past week and I am definitely paying for it to the max. I even decided to give up drinking for a while because I feel like when I drink I stay up late, when I stay up late – I don’t get enough sleep or wake up early enough to workout, when I don’t work out – I do not burn any calorie intake, and last when I don’t work out I also make bad choices in what I decide to eat.

The moral of the story is that sometimes the choices you make become habits. Just don’t create bad habits because later on when you see that you have made little to no progress, the only person to blame is yourself. I have decided now that I will start a good habit by taking the little time I have to prepare for this race. I am going to try to do well to the best of my ability and that is the best that I can do.


Role Models are Real People too

Image provided via Facebook @ Jessica Arevalo

Image provided via Facebook @ Jessica Arevalo

Everyone could use a great role model, even if the goal is to be a great role model yourself. I have had some great fitness role models to look up to. I found them via social media and what I have learned is that the best role model is one that shows you that they themselves are human. There are times that they fall off track and they post something about their personal trials. For example, Jessica Arevalo a well known fitness competitor. She is probably my biggest fitness girl crush. She is gorgeous and has competed in so many competitions. One of the biggest reasons that she one of my biggest role models is because she also doesn’t hide the challenges that she faces and the struggles that she goes through to look the way she does and her will power to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle. I admire the people who are not afraid to show how hard they work for where they are.

Another great role model for me is Taralynn McNitt. Taralynn is a blogger. I came across her blog when I was 19 and she was the one who inspired me in the first place to get healthy. Taralynn is actually around my age and had been in a verbally abusive relationship just like I had been when I was younger. I was able to relate and connect with a lot of what Taralynn blogged about. By following her I felt like I was following her ways to gain confidence in myself just as she was gaining her confidence and learning to be healthy. In a way I felt as though we were trying to reach a certain goal together without us knowing each other. In a way that is what makes a great blogger, someone who can blog about something that just automatically draws you in because you can relate and feel for that person and their struggles because you go through them yourself.

 I admire the people who are not afraid to show how hard they work for where they are.

I don’t see myself as a role model, I see myself as someone who tries to be better than I was yesterday, everyday. There are times that I feel overwhelmed, insecure, not exactly happy about my body image; but then I think, I’m not the only one and if these people that I look up to have the same days like I do and they can snap out of it and continue living a healthy lifestyle, then so can I. The important thing in life is to try, if we don’t try then we will never know about the what ifs.