Inspired to Be More

Ever see signs like your supposed to be doing something else and then you ignore it. Or better yet, you keep looking for a sign to give you some sense of direction and it’s literally right there. But you keep ignoring it? I think that’s where I am right now. But it’s all my doing.

How is that?

williamBecause I’m thinking it. I keep thinking oh, I need a sign to let me know how I’m doing; but I’m so bad at deciphering signs I’ll never get it. That’s it. I’ll never get it. That kind of thinking will keep me exactly where I am right now. I realize that. I’ve known that. Sometimes I even think that my default way of thinking about anything is the negative first. I always put myself down and don’t give myself enough credit. But when it comes to anyone else I am their biggest fan.

I need to do better. I will do better. On Sunday, I feel like God gave me three signs. I passed them off a bit as just; ‘Yeah I know that’s a sign but what are you really saying?’ or ‘Yeah, I know – but I still don’t know what I’m supposed to do?’ I even told my live-in boyfriend about it (who I’ve been kind of hammering down daily with the ‘what am I supposed to do with my life questions’). Here’s the thing though, before I went to sleep I came across two blogs that spoke about manifestation. Positive manifestation and praying to God. It was like my other sign. Literally, I’m getting goosebumps writing about it. I read some of their most recent posts. Then I went to sleep. I woke up feeling refreshed and inspired to do more. Be a better version of myself.

Unconsciously, I’ve been letting those signs marinate in my head and I realize that I’m only hurting myself. I’ve only really dabbled consciously in the Law of Attraction but I understand that I’ve been doing it my whole life.


Image via Tumblr: SoulTherapyBlog

Now I’m going to try my hardest to manifest the life that I want. Starting with Loving my self. I tear up while writing this because for me it’s a big deal. I shouldn’t down my self ever. And yet I do it so much it’s become something normal. Which is why I am where I am right now. But that stops right now. I will work constantly to ‘smile’ more. I will tell myself everyday I am beautiful, I am strong, everything good happens to me. I am a great a person. Everyday I will read more about loving myself. Thinking positive thought and just being happy.

Even if something at work pissed me off. I’ll force a smile. I’ll change the wave of whatever I would normally feel. I know it’s not going to be easy but really, I’m convinced it can be. I just need to believe it.


Because I will it.

Featured Image via cloudimind on Tumblr.


Hair Dilemma

I do not play about my hair. If I get it done; I want it to last for more than eight hours at least. Meaning, I want people to see how good my hair looks.

Sometimes, though, it’s hard to keep a hair style when your constantly working out.


How I normally wear my hair. Pic via Pintrest 

Every time I get my hair done, I know the moment I workout – my hair will start curling up at the edges and it completely messes up the style. It’s because I’m natural which means sometimes my real hair will curl up against the ‘straight extensions’. So the problem is – that right after I workout my natural curly hairs start taking their form and curling up.

A simple solution for this is wrapping my hair. Which means covering my real hair with some kind of scarf while I workout. Not only is that uncomfortable while working out, but it doesn’t guarantee that my hair will not curl up. I think the best solution would be to wear my hair in braids for a while. But for what I’m trying to do out side of work, I need to actually have my hair look somewhat straightened.

So you see my dilemma here. My dilemma is so real that I haven’t been to the gym all week because I just wanted to preserve the ‘do’ for as long as possible. But that ends today because I plan on getting a nice good sweat at the gym. It’s very possible that my hair will look a hot ass mess. But I’ll work on that to try to make it look somewhat presentable for work.


This is the kind of hairstyle that will last when you workout Pic via Pinterest 

Really, I just need to find some kind of balance. Perhaps when I do get my hair done initially not work out for the first three days and then go hard for the next four and keep that kind of schedule?

We’ll see.

Does anyone else out there have this problem? Want to preserve the hairstyle but the gym doesn’t really let you. I tell you what. I follow Massy daily and her hair always looks good every time she works out. Now, I’m not sure if she’s getting her hair done everyday or what she’s doing to keep her hair looking right. But I believe she’s natural like me. The only difference is, she has short hair and wears it short but I also think she has a different texture so – that’s another blog where I will break down hair.

So how do you guys cope with this?

Is it even a problem?

For Massy’s page see below.

Featured image of black excellence is by Jaime Cofrade via Tumblr.

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I Came To Win

Today, I woke up with those thoughts in my head.

I. Came. To. Win.

It’s Friday, but that doesn’t mean it’s another day to slack off. On the contrary, I want to go even harder than I went yesterday. Meaning, I want to do more. I want to make the most out of my day. The most out of my day at the gym, the most out of my day while I’m working, the most out of just everything in life.

I’m taking today as a competition. You see, I’ve already been to the gym five days in a row this week. And usually, that would be enough. But I’m trying to be better than enough. Better than average. So I’m heading to the gym today for the sixth day in a row. I’m trying to look good and live my best life now!


Allyson Felix at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. One of my favorite runners. 

I am already seeing progress as well. For instance, I lost a good 3.5 pounds. I say good because I’ve slowly been changing eating habits (to make eating healthy more of a habit). No supplements, no get thinner faster stuff — no nothing like that. Just working hard. I want to prove to  myself that I can do it. Because I’m a winner.

Reading back on that last line, it reminds me of motivational speakers. But that’s why they’re so good at what they do. They motivate. They help people get to that next level and realize they’re true potential.

Take a look at one of my favorite speakers Eric Thomas below I listen to him everyday while I’m lifting weights at the gym. And you know what? It helps me finish my workout like I’m supposed to. Beast mode baby, all day!

If you’re going to the gym go in #beastmode #killit !

P.S. Today is leg day 😉


Little Progress is Progress

So get this.

I started a fitness program exactly 28 days ago. I wanted to lose at least 15 pounds. Well, today is the last day of the program and guess how many pounds I’ve lost?


Yup. That’s it. That’s shit. But I’m not defeated. It’s my fault. Absolutely.

  1. I haven’t completely followed the program.
  2. I did not work out every day.
  3. My nutrition was shit.

But I blame all of that on my current lifestyle. I work overnight and my schedule is lego-man-workout.jpgconstantly changing. Saturdays and Sunday’s I work 12 hour days – you think I want to work out after that? No. Not at all. Then 3 days out of the week I’m still working overnight 8-10 hours; but twice as hard because I don’t have help. It’s fucking tiring, man. I really feel like I’m in this position because of my lifestyle. I know people say well you make time for what you want but I mean I’m so fucking tired like… what the fuck.

And then having to track my nutrition? Fuck me.

Sorry, I didn’t mean for this to be such an explicit laced blog – it was supposed to be motivating. So here’s a little bit of motivation. I’m not going to stop trying. I know I’m making excuses as to why that program didn’t work out – but you know what? I still have hope. I still think I can do something better even with everything else thats gone wrong   (like: having a huge kind of break up during the program and my mom getting into a car accident, and me literally losing my shit – mental-). You see… life happens. That’s why you can’t give up.

So yeah.. I only lost 3 pounds – And I don’t care how any one sees it… because I see it as PROGRESS.

Alba ❤ 

The Year of “Yes”

That’s what 2017 will be.

Yes – I am beautiful.

Yes – I am strong.

Yes – I am intelligent.

dreambigYes – I am sexy.

Yes – I have a career.

Yes – I can run a mile.

Yes – I have self discipline.

Yes – I am a hard worker.

Yes – I love myself.

Yes – I am a god fearing woman.

Yes – I am every woman; it’s all in me.

Yes – I can do anything I put my mind to.

Yes – I CAN and I WILL.

May 2017 be everything you wish it to be and so much more. Remember never doubt yourself; the only person standing in the way of your goals, wishes and dreams is you. – Alba. 

Heavier, but not defeated.

Yo, 1-2 1-2..

Weird way to start a blog, but I’m listening to the Insecure season 1 soundtrack


Currently my favorite series.

and I’m feeling good.

This is despite the fact that I’ve gained 30lbs. That’s right 30 lbs. And now, I stand at a good 170lbs. I was upset this morning – not going to front – but am I defeated? No sir. Because in some weird way I am motivated. Like a real fire. Seriously. I know, I know, I’ve been on kind of slump but that doesn’t mean I have to stay that way. While I am heavier I still have some what of a slim appearance; that tells me that the little bit that I am doing at the gym (once or twice a week) works. What doesn’t work is what I’m putting into my mouth.

In fact (now my favorite segway, so if I say it a lot sorry y’all) last night I had a Whopper with cheese and bacon, and fries on the side. And it was good – but it wasn’t great. And as much as I want to deny this — it wasn’t worth it. At all.


even when you want to stop

That’s why today I started fresh. A lot of water, an energy drink, pork rinds instead of chips (less calories true life) , chicken tenders with veggies and baked beans; tonight I plan on having Turkey with Veggies or just a protein shake after the gym.


I know I’m not the only one out there that has to constantly start over – but the main thing about starting over is that your not giving up. Frankly, I’m motivated to keep going, I deserve to be happy with my self. I will do right by my body and health – with a couple of wine glasses on the way, but I’m going to do it. Real talk ’cause I’m motivated.

Weight, nothing but a numero

This topic has been on my mind for a while. Sometimes, we all stress about the number we see on the scale; but if you haven’t heard, that’s not always the most important thing. In fact, when you’re first starting out it should be the least of your worries. Why? Because honestly the number won’t go down as fast unless your doing something that could really jeopardize your health.

Instead, listen to your body. Now, I’m no expert. But what I do know is how good I start


Image: Hayathfitness

feeling once I start eating right, drinking water and hitting the gym. No lie, I start sleeping so much better, my skin starts looking better and my overall being just feels good. And who doesn’t want that? And once you start feeling good, my friends, every thing starts falling into place.

That’s where I currently am in my path to fitness. I’m feeling extremely good being mindful of what I eat and exuding positive energy that I’m ultimately receiving back 😉

I do check my weight at least once a week to see my progress, preferably in the a.m. That helps me see what I’m doing right or if I need to change something.

But you know what’s even better? When your clothes start feeling loose. Yes God!

Happy energy 😉

Starting Over

Hstarting-over-sucks-so-keep-going-205339ow many times can you start over?

How many times can you say, “Okay this time I’m doing this right for sure” ?

I’ll tell you how many times. As many times as you want. It’s your journey and only yours. So dust yourself off and try as many times as you need to, to get YOURSELF where you need to be.


Once I find the formula that works for me, I’ll let you know.

But I don’t Want to Mess Up My Hair!

I love being a curly girl. Image via

I love being a curly girl. Image via

So, I am wide awake right now, and I know I should go to the gym. And I am. But you see, I just got my hair done (it’s pressed and curled) and I know as soon as I work out, I’m going to have to put some heat to it again. Why? Because my hair is natural, therefore, the curls will arise as soon as I start to get a good sweat (and I mean whats the point of working out if your not getting a good sweat?).

However, when I think about it, I’d rather workout and fix my hair before I go to sleep, so it can be ready for work in the morning. Rather than go to sleep and workout when I wake up and then do my hair. Seems like I would save time by just working out and doing all that good stuff before going to sleep. Ugh. #TheStrugglesofaNaturalGirl

Lack of Interest

I realized I haven’t given this blog much thought lately.

I come and I go. I try to revamp it and write about how I’m turning my life around. lacklackBut the truth is, I’m having trouble doing that. Every time, and I mean ‘every time’, I try to really get back on my health kick, something completely throws me off. Either I can’t get any sleep (during the day, because I work at night) so instead of writing I lazily stay in bed and wait for the pool siders outside my window to leave; or hope that it rains on ‘their’ parade, or close my eyes and visualize how I want myself to be. It’s pitiful. And then sometimes, I think of the blog and wonder, “If I wore to write out my failures: Would any one read? Would any one suggest anything?”

I don’t know. I hate being a twenty something and not really having any type of REAL organization in my life. I mean sometimes I’m there, and sometimes, I’m just not.

Right now, however, by the grace of God, I’m sort of a little organized. And it may just be because it’s my day off, but I’m going to try to get this train back on track — at least I’m being real about it.

Also, when I say I’m lacking organization it’s not only with my fitness schedule,

Such an inspiration. Image via

Such and inspiration. Image via

but with my life in general. Like mentally, I need a little bit of organization.

Maybe I should try my moms suggestions of meditation. I might do that.

I’ll try to write again tomorrow. It can be soothing at times, and it’s one my first loves since learning the American English language.

By the way, when I’m up and running (and on track) I’m trying Jamie Eason’s new 12 week program. I’m currently finishing up week two, miraculously.