Saturday Confessions: Overnighter Life

These are my confessions.

  • After working an michaelovernight shift on Saturday, I don’t always go to the gym. In fact, I like staying in my PJ’s and watching Law and Order: SVU.
  • I also would rather sleep most of my day when I know I have to work an overnight shift the next day, which starts later that night. Why? Because I never feel like I get enough sleep.
  • Sometimes I eat candy at work, like I did last night. Then I promise to make an effort to work out later that day and make sure to put in a few more reps for the candy.

I’m human and I will never claim to be perfect. But feels good airing out the little things that help me relax when I’m working weekends. And since I, unfortunately, have to work tonight I’m going to indulge in my current favorite shows. It’ll help me decompress and the drift off to sleep.

And with that, I leave you with a classic and a favorite. Happy Saturday.

Usher baby:


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