Progress is Progress

Yes, it’s true.

slow-progressIf you went to a store and parked a little bit further to get some extra steps in, that’s progress. You took the stairs at work instead of the elevator, that’s progress. Ordered the burger at your favorite restaurant without the cheese? Oh yeah, that’s progress.

In my case, for three days straight, I’ve been to the gym baby! I’ve also taken my vitamins and I even meal prepped on Sunday. Oh yeah — that’s progress.

I’m not saying I’m back to my old self or anything, but it’s a start on the right track. And I’m very proud of myself. Some people think you have to go cold turkey and go to the gym and start on a diet super hard. Now don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with that; but even if you start off little by little, incorporating healthier steps into your life then you’re making major progress.

Pat yourself on the back.
I’m proud of ya. Shoot, I’m definitely proud of myself. 😉

What healthier steps have you done today to better your life?


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