Lack of Interest

I realized I haven’t given this blog much thought lately.

I come and I go. I try to revamp it and write about how I’m turning my life around. lacklackBut the truth is, I’m having trouble doing that. Every time, and I mean ‘every time’, I try to really get back on my health kick, something completely throws me off. Either I can’t get any sleep (during the day, because I work at night) so instead of writing I lazily stay in bed and wait for the pool siders outside my window to leave; or hope that it rains on ‘their’ parade, or close my eyes and visualize how I want myself to be. It’s pitiful. And then sometimes, I think of the blog and wonder, “If I wore to write out my failures: Would any one read? Would any one suggest anything?”

I don’t know. I hate being a twenty something and not really having any type of REAL organization in my life. I mean sometimes I’m there, and sometimes, I’m just not.

Right now, however, by the grace of God, I’m sort of a little organized. And it may just be because it’s my day off, but I’m going to try to get this train back on track — at least I’m being real about it.

Also, when I say I’m lacking organization it’s not only with my fitness schedule,

Such an inspiration. Image via

Such and inspiration. Image via

but with my life in general. Like mentally, I need a little bit of organization.

Maybe I should try my moms suggestions of meditation. I might do that.

I’ll try to write again tomorrow. It can be soothing at times, and it’s one my first loves since learning the American English language.

By the way, when I’m up and running (and on track) I’m trying Jamie Eason’s new 12 week program. I’m currently finishing up week two, miraculously.


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