Alba’s Got Her Groove Back

Yeah, you read right. I AM getting my groove back, and can’t nobody tell me nothing.

My life is finally aligning the way I want it to be… I’ve got my dream job, my relationship is going great with my love and my family, and not to mention I’m feeling good about everything. Including my body!

I mean..  Take a look at this pick and decide for yourself. Don’t I look good?

When you feeling yourself at the gym. 👌😏😉😅 #fitness #gymtime #igetsitin

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I am truly feeling myself. I’m giving life everything I’ve got making sure every effort doesn’t go unnotice. You feel me?

Currently, I’m working the grave yard shift but I find time to run and go to the gym. (I have reluctantly went back to my old gym… But that’s another story for another day.)

It’s crazy. Although, I’m not at the weight I’d like to be in, my state of mind is happy. I know that I’m working towards the goal, as well as working in my career and just going about life. It’s surreal. And I thank God – because I’d never thought I’d be in such a place. Loving yourself and being where you want to be, not only physically but in life (and mentally) is like SO IMPORTANT.

I’m working on… something special for this blog, I’m excited to take you guys on my journey. I’ll be writing again soon!


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