20 Min HIIT Workouts are THE Best

travelLast week, my gym membership expired. I had been attending this super popular gym, that was located pretty much in every neighborhood of Jacksonville, for two years straight. But to be honest, I wanted out. I had issues with the way they handled business. So, I figured in the meantime while I look for a gym, I will just workout at home.

Easier said then done, my brothers and sisters.

When you live with someone and sleep schedules are different, finding the time to workout can be a little difficult. If I tried to wake up early in the morning, I ran the risk of waking my boyfriend up. Then when I get off of work, I would have to cook (so that I don’t eat late) and then I’m normally working on something else that’s important! It just seemed like time wasn’t on my side — and I get it, it happens.

Well, for some reason I thought “HIIT”! All I need is 20 minutes!

HIIT stands for high interval intensity training! In a nutshell, the way I see it,  you burn a good amount of calories in a short period of time. Sounds pretty idealistic for someone with not much time in their everyday schedules. Someone like me!

The most recent HIIT workout that I tried (and it kicked my butt, but I loved it) was this one: Brutal HIIT Ladder Workout – 20 minutes HIIT Workout at Home

We started off stretching and then we did four exercises, each 60 seconds long with a 25 second break. Then the same four exercises but 50 seconds long with a 25 second break. We did the same routine up until 20 seconds and it was in fact thebomb.com (Not a real website by the way 🙂

It’s exactly what I needed, and I felt like I actually did something instead of being lazy and not doing anything because I didn’t have “time?” You know what I mean?

It was so convenient because I was able to do it within the hour that my better half would be waking up!

So, I mean if you haven’t tried it yet — or are afraid to, don’t be. It’s convenient, you get a great workout and remember no one is judging you.

With that being said, I’m probably going to incorporate more 20 min HIIT workouts because they’re pretty convenient.


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