Sexy in Shape

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of working out with my girlfriends at this Sexy in Shape Stiletto Dance class. To describe it in one word: amazing.

The beginning of the class was an uptempo hip-hop fitness routine. It incorporated squats, lunges, a little bit of fist-pumps and a little bit of dropping it low. It was great. Something comparable to the likes of Zumba, Tae Bo and Shaun T’s Hip-Hop Abs. It was THAT good. After the cardio, we cooled down with a slow-tempo song (last week it was JoJo’s, “Demonstrate“). We learned the dance in sneakers and then changed in to our heels. Talk about a cool down.

Not only do you feel yourself working for a body you want — but then you feel sexy. We moved sultry-like and seductive.

Sexy in Shape Class.

Sexy in Shape Class.

This is the third time that I’ve been to the class, and each time I have sweated my butt off. I plan on making this apart of my weekly fitness routine.

Going to the gym is great, but it doesn’t hurt to try out different forms of working out — like taking a dance fitness class. Whether it be Zumba, Tae Bo or a Hip-Hop Fitness Dance Class with a Stiletto cool down — the point is to burn those calories and feel good about it.

I felt so good about it, I wrote about it. And I’m so glad that there’s a class in Jacksonville that allows me to experience that.

Have you ever been to a class like this?


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