Fat Girl Blues

fat girl                    blues

Blues:  2. informal feelings of melancholy, sadness, or depression. via Google Search “what are the blues.

It’s, Sunday. December, 28, 2014.  Three days after the most wonderful time of the year, and I’m feeling… fat.

I’ve been eating like crazy. I can’t blame the holidays, however, I can only blame myself. The cookies, the Christmas dinner. All so good. And now I’m stuck feeling like bleh.

Again, it’s my fault. And I know this. (I feel like every time I write something on here, I’m always talking about what I’m going to do to change. Or how this time it’s different. I’m not talking about that — this time.) This time, I’m commenting on my progress. Since, I’m broke – meaning I’ve spent almost all of my money on gifts that will be outgrown and overlooked by next year –  I’ve only been able to cook whatever I have at home. I can’t eat out anymore. I won’t allow it. Also, while I have these few days off of  work – I’m making time for the gyms and to plan out my meals.

Currently, I’ve been doing this for two days. I know not very long. I’m a little blue because I’ve let myself go this far – but you know what, we all let a little loose for the holidays. And that’s OKAY. The most important part is to not lose yourself. So, I guess this is me saying, “I haven’t lost myself, I’m slowly but surely getting back into the groove of things.” Which is good. It’s really good.

So, maybe I got the good fat girl blues. Next week – I’ll have the working girl blues.

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