What’s So Bad About Multitasking?

Multitasking can be a beautiful thing.  You accomplish many things at a time, make plenty of people happy and have time to do more of what ever else you may need to do.

But is it the easiest? Not exactly. You see, in order to multitask successfully, you must write it down. Again, in order to multitask successfully you must write it down. The reason for this is plain and simple: your liable to lose track of time, forget a few things and mess up your order of things you need to do. When you lose track of time and get some things done instead of others, you’re wasting your energy and time.

So, how do we maximize our time? First, we write it down.

Now, I know there are many articles, and research journals that shows that multitasking isn’t good for your health. But what kind of multitasking are they referring to?

  • Driving and texting?
  • Sending emails during meetings?
  •  Talking on your cell, feeding your child and feeding the dog?


Probably, so. But I’m talking about something a little differently. I’m talking about organizing your tasks through out the day so that you can spend efficient time on them and get them accomplished. Now, technically, the definition of multitasking according to the Oxford Dictionary is, “the handling of more than one task at the same time by a single person,” and what I am alluding to is multitasking but doing so in an organized manner.  

For example, today I have a few things I need to do, but it’s a Saturday and I don’t want to stress my self out. Besides, if I don’t manage to multitask successfully in my life during my work week – then leave it there because weekends shouldn’t be stressful. So, first things first – I write out everything I want to get done: gym, shopping, writing, cleaning, watching my favorite TV shows, cooking Dinner, talking to my mom. Ok, boom. I have quite a few stuff I need to do. Now, I organize my tasks in the order to maximize my time!

Is it that simple? Yeah, it can be. If you have children, or have social ties that you need attend to – then fit them in your schedule and start checking them off one by one. I pair up activities that I know can be done with others. That is multitasking.

See, the issue at hand is that if your multitasking then your not giving something your full of attention, only partially meaning their is a chance for failure. Charles J. Abaté, a writer for the National Education Association, conducts research of his own on the subject. He says, “For certain kinds of behavior, brains (like microprocessors) are essentially linear devices that are incapable of performing two separate tasks simultaneously. In a more colloquial sense, though, it seems quite obvious that people are capable of at least some level of simultaneous activity.”

In my opinion, if you write it down and plan accordingly you can successfully multitask. I believe it’s good to challenge yourself and it’s healthy for you.

The beauty of multitasking is that it allows you to live at ease with everything that you need to do. Stress free. Now, if your stressing yourself attempting to do 4, 5 things at once – then your missing the point. Literally, the point is on the other side of the room and you totally just walked by and missed it.

Remember your not trying to complicate your life.  It’s all about being stress free.


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