Thanksgiving Coma No More

Thanksgiving ComaIt is Wednesday – therefore – “Happy Humpday” everyone.

First things first, I hope everyone reading this had an amazing holiday. I know I sure did. I hope good food was eaten, digested and then worked off. I had the luxury of attending at least three different Thanksgiving dinners because I was invited to
them and they were all were going on at different times during the day.

I had left overs for days. Literally, I did not cook a single thing for days including:
Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  It was lovely and, yet, at times I felt very
sluggish. It was not a good feeling at all. But that’s okay, because I did work out in
between days and now that it’s a new week I’ve been starting fresh every day!

I’ve been preparing my meals the night before (only because I avoided my kitchen
on Sunday for meal prep), heading to the gym after work and getting a full nights
rest. I will confess that it has been difficult. All I’ve wanted to do is sleep the last
couple of days. I’m actually super sleepy right now – and I’m on my lunch break. But that’s besides the point. Fact is, I think I may have gone a little over board with all of the food that I ate over the weekend.  Let this be a lesson, overeating is not cool. It’s definitely not good for the body and it sets you back on what ever little progress you’ve had.

By all means, I do not regret eating all that good food. Turkey, ham, macaroni and
cheese, more turkey, more ham, brisket (first time having brisket ever and it was absolutely amazing), sweet potatoes and all of those delicious foods that everyone is familiar with I ate over the weekend. However, next year I know better. Although, it is the middle of the week I’m proud to say that I have the right mindset and that I know better for next year.

Holidays happen. Ofcourse. The key is to be prepared, not only with food and your
body but mentally too. Because if you’ve already decided that your going to devour
all the food that you can get your hands on, in your mind…. Then, that’s most likely what you’ll do in real life.


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