Starting New 12 Week Get my Body Right plan !

Today I started Lee Labrada’s 12 Week Lean Body Trainer. Why? Because I’ve been goofing around a bit – I mean I’ve been working out – but I haven’t been on a plan. So, I decided why not try a stable plan by someone who’s pretty well known in the fitness world, with his own company that provides a line of nutritional supplements and functional foods and once got the fattest city in America fit (that was Houston, Texas by the way). The plan seems pretty challenging but I LOVE a challenge.

I will follow the fitness execercises to a Teee – but not so much his food recipes. I have to work with what I got, however that’s not to say that I’m going to be eating like crap. That wouldn’t make sense. I will eat the appropriate foods and follow the guidelines for which foods I should and shouldn’t eat. And now I’m super excited to be able to document my experience with all of you… I mean I could just get my body builder’s physique that I’ve been so desperately wanting by the end of these next 3 months.

If you feel up to it and want to join the lean body 12 weekly daily trainer – hit me up and we can do this together!!! I love having a workout partner, even if we’re just motivating each other via online – what better way then to have someone encouraging you back? Right!

If not, stay tuned for the ride to see my progress and get inspired!

Today, I began day one. It was “Back/Biceps” workout.I did four exercises, two for back, two for biceps and 3 sets of each exercise. The last set I completed to failure.

When doing the last set to failure, Labrada make’s sure to point out what it means. He says performing a set to failure is, “That point in an exercise at which you have so fully fatigued your working muscles that they can no longer complete an additional repetition of movement with strict biomechanics.” And that my friends, was my first time EVER doing that in my life with a back and bicep workout; and I’ll tell you what – I’m totally feeling it right now.


At the end of my weight training, I did cardio, and although cardio is my thing the plan’s cardio kicked my butt.

I ran on the treadmill but in intervals. For example: Minutes 1-2: level one (Easy resistance), Minutes 3 – 5: level two (Moderate resistance) Minutes 6 – 9: level 3hree (Difficult resistance) and so on and so forth for 30 minutes. I tell you what, it’s not easy doing that while running.

The reason for the intervals is so that I can challenge my metabolism. I’m sure if my metabolism could speak it would’ve been like “oh, so your just going to try and switch it up on me now, huh!”

Lol. Humor me.

Needless, to say today was pretty successful… And I can feel the pain in my biceps. Like serioulsly, it’s just a good soreness. I’m ready for tomorrow – it’s chest, shoulders and triceps!

Woot. Woot.


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