Why the “Time of the Month” isn’t your worst enemy

Note: This post is strictly for the ladies, unless you fellas want to be in on one of our little secrets. You’ve been warned.

Yup, it's that "Time of the Month" Image Provide by Fuck Yeah Reactions via Tumblr.

Yup, it’s that “Time of the Month”
Image Provide by Fuck Yeah Reactions via Tumblr.

My #getmybodytight flow has been doing really well lately. I mean like really REALLY well. I’ve been working out, every day. Hitting the gym hard. And pretty much giving it all I’ve got. And every other day, I feel the pain of my efforts, in my triceps, quads, calves EVERYTHING!

Still, there comes a time when all the will power in the world can’t stop you from breaking out of your groove and getting what you really want – the dreaded “Time of the Month.” Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. All rules are broken and that chocolate cake you were eyeing at Publix in the bakery section is up for dibs! I’m not going to front on here and act like I’m really good at keeping on track, because I’m NOT. I’m human!

Yesterday, I had a Jr. Cheeseburger from Wendy’s, only ketchup – and it was the BOMB. I also had a little bit of a frosty and some sea salt fries. Now, I’m not condoning those kind of actions and I’m definitely not telling you to give into your cravings, but sometimes hormones speak louder then the sensible thoughts saying “You know you shouldn’t be eating that.”

But just because that happens, doesn’t mean you have to throw everything you’ve worked for away. I’m certainly not. I’m also not going to let a natural body function dictate the progress I make in getting my body the way I want; in fact I’m going to do something better. I’m going to learn from it.


Image Provided  @f0o0od via tumblr.

This is what magnesium looks like to us. Chocolate cake. Image Provided @f0o0od via tumblr.

You see, when we (women) binge eat or eat unnecessary foods around the time we get our monthly visitor we’re not listening to the needs of our bodies. In an article by nutritionist Kate Leinweber, she says during a women’s menstruation the need for magnesium increases, our caloric needs fluctuate and our hormone levels change so, the adrenal glands work a little more than usual.

However, the changes in our bodies can easily be met by supplementing them with the right corresponding nutrients, in order to appease our wants. Kate informs, ” Naturally the body looks to replenish its stores by craving foods high in magnesium. Guess what is high in magnesium? Cocoa beans.” Which explains why I’m probably craving chocolate cake right now, but dark chocolate is a great substitute for that!

As for the change in our caloric needs, which makes us want to eat more of just everything, Kate advises to eat appropriately and nourish our bodies the week before the period begins. She says, ” When hunger signals are ignored they can turn into voracious sugar cravings! Always eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full and make sure to consume enough protein and healthy fats during the week before your period to reduce sugar and carbohydrate cravings.”

Now, the “Time of the Month” doesn’t always have to be the end of our “diets,” or the ultimate run you off your track thing. It doesn’t. In my opinion, we shouldn’t be depriving our selves of the things we like. We should try moderation and little by little cravings will cease to be a big deal. Also, normally if your actively working out drinking your gallon of water a day and eating those small meals – cravings don’t normally occur.

What I believe happened to me was that I hadn’t had much water because I was lying in bed all day (in pain). Therefore, when I finally got up I was hungry for the wrong stuff, and I gave in. Simple as that. But it’s not the end of the world. It’s the beginning of understanding your body and embracing it.

You know the time of the month is going to kick your butt, so prepare. Drink water. Have fruit around and maybe some nutella (so you could dip it in). No, but seriously, preparation, as always, is key.

That “Time of the month” sucks – no doubt. But we don’t have to let it run our lives into dirt. We make mistakes, and if you so happen to give in to one of those cravings around that horrid time of the month, just remember to kick ass on your next meeting to the gym — or that next run that you go on!

That’s the plan for today, anyways! Later 😉





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