Good First Week!

Last week I worked out THREE times out of the whole week!!! Can I get a “you go girl!!” ?? 

Thank you.

Talk about being proud of yourself. I pushed away the excuses and took my butt to the gym. So, slowly but surely I’m getting back on track. Now, I have life to deal with jump starting my career as a journalist. I have to admit, I’m a little scared. I’m afraid of failure, what can I say. But that’s not to say that I’m not working my butt off, sending off resume’s and cover letters in hopes that someone will be like ” Hey, she’s great we need her!” or maybe ” She’s exactly what we need.”

I mean a girl can dream, right?

This week, so far I’ve started out with a BANG! Yesterday, I ran for the first time outside in what

If your sweating -- that's GREAT sign!

If your sweating — that’s a GREAT sign!

seemed like ages. Did it kick my butt? Yes! Did I love it? YES! Will I do it again? OFCOURSE!!!

I’m such a runner. I was out there smiling my butt off, knowing that it could rain any minute. I mean even the Jaguar players had to stop practice because there was lightening outside and I’m just like   “let me get this run in real quick.” Ha! It felt great. And although I was running at full SLOW speed that’s not going to stop me from running again and getting better. Slow and Steady.

I’m looking forward to another successful week, especially now that I have a little bit of more time on my hands. I’m also looking forward to receiving my diploma for my Bachelors in the mail in about two weeks. Pretty excited about that.

I’m glad I had a good first week of getting back into the groove of things. I’m hoping this week will be even better — operation get my body tight is absolutely in effect!


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