Getting Back to Basics, Walking & Running

It’s been approximately six days, since I  walked across the stage as I heard my name being called followed by a Magna Cum Laude, which means my GPA is I can’t begin to explain how amazing of a feeling that is! All the long nights of studying and writing papers has finally paid off. I only have my internship left in the summer, and one media class where I’m preparing news videos on my own, creating my own stories and my own news packages, which is what I ‘ll be doing for a living; and I must say, I can’t wait to get started. After the summer, my bachelor’s will be fully completed and I will have my official Bachelor of Science degree in Converged Communications. To say that I am absolutely proud of myself is an understatement, I have kicked butt!

Is that enough self boasting? I think so. But in case it wasn’t… I’m pretty awesome.

“I’m cheesing, I know.”

Now to get a couple of these monkeys off my back, and take notice of the giant elephant in the room… I haven’t run in about a week and a half. I know, I know, running for me is probably going to suck, for a while.  That’s why I’m starting with baby steps. I’ll start by getting on the treadmill, or running outside, for a few minutes and then walking. I’ll increase my running time every week, until I get to the point where I’m running again! It sucks. And I’m sad to say this, but I’m a little upset at the fact that I wasn’t able to organize my time so that I could fit in working out (the way I wanted to) in my schedule.

But that’s okay. I’m dusting the shirt off of my shoulders and I’m getting back on that horse. (Weird expression, possibly not the right one.) I’m motivated and I’m excited to go hard at the gym and have fun while doing it!

Pointers for people who are just getting back into their regular fitness routine:

  • DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP: It’s been awhile, let your body get use to the new routine. Don’t jeopardize your health because you’re not where you use (or want) to be.

    Photo Credit: Tumblr @Super Fit

    Photo Credit: Tumblr @Super Fit

  • BABY STEPS/ BIG STEPS: Ease into it, and then once you have your groove back — go hard!
  • MOTIVATE YOURSELF: Do whatever you have to do. Follow people on Instagram, Read motivational blogs. Place a picture in your room of what you’re striving to achieve, and do what you need to do!


I am a natural runner at heart, and it may or may not take me long to get back to running my long distances; but it’s not because I’m a “natural runner,” it’s because I’m going to work my butt off. No lie. True story. It may take me some baby steps, or I might just easily be able to start running, but I tell you what… I will not quit.

Just like I worked hard to be able to walk across that stage, proudly as an honor student (oh yeah, your girl is smart) I will work hard to get my fitness up to par.

Just cause you look skinny, don’t mean you fit, and I need to be fit!

Photo Credit: Arizona Foot Hills Magazine

Photo Credit: Arizona Foot Hills Magazine



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