My last advice before this college student graduates!


One thing that I have learned during my “path to healthy living,” is that this is an everyday process. I cannot stress this enough! There isn’t a deadline to living healthy and that is why it is something to keep in mind everyday. There are many excuses that we can all make for why we go into the fast food line rather than meal prepping or why do we choose to hit the snooze button instead of getting that work out in early in the A.M. The fact of the matter is will power and self-discipline is all we need to stay on track. One thing that I have done to help me either stay on track or get me back into the healthy path has been to always have an amazing support system that I rely on. My family has had history of obesity and especially since we are Hispanic and are built a little differently we are more prone to pack on the pounds. The females in my family have had their own struggle, some of them turning into extremes and finding unhealthy ways in order to lose weight. I had been generally overweight for all my life, when I was younger it was more difficult and the desperation to look like my slender friends was high. Bulimia became a disease of mine for a short period of time during the age of 14 until I realized that hurting myself just to get me to love myself didn’t seem right nor make sense. I started talking more to my sisters more about my inner struggles and they started becoming supportive of me and encouraging me to work out with them. Whenever we would eat together I would see my sisters choosing healthier options and I didn’t want to big the piggy of the group, so I would opt for the healthier option. Little by little I began building a health conscious habit that I never had before. Now when I fall off track I know that I shouldn’t really be eating junk or not working out because I knew it wouldn’t benefit me any. Sometimes building awareness is what you need to not let yourself go completely. If I eat poorly or drink heavily, I always reflect on how I felt afterwards. I don’t allow myself to feel guilty but I just reflect on how I physically feel. Most times the junk that I consume isn’t gluten free and I feel terrible after so I make a mental note that this is not how I want to feel. So I try and remember the negative side of being unhealthy and see how unhappy it makes me feel and that is how I am always able to bounce back onto my path again. That’s what it is all about, being able to just get back on track if you stray away from the path. Keep things new and exciting so that you don’t get bored! Find new recipes to try so that your meal prep doesn’t become boring and new and different ways to keep active like trying a new class or signing up for a race to keep you motivated. I am going to sign up for an 8 week boot camp that starts tonight and I am doing it with my friend so not only is it something that is going to keep me occupied for the next 8 weeks. I graduate on Sunday and will finally be done with school, so this boot camp is coming at the best time to kick start me on my new regimen that I will be able to make now that I won’t have the stress of school to interfere or become an excuse anymore!   Happy finals week everyone! Always remember that self determination, confidence, and drive will get you anywhere in life!




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