Sunday Funday!

Yesterday I worked a double and wasn’t able to get a workout in because of my schedule. I was pretty annoyed about it because I have been really dedicating myself this past week to make a full effort to get back to my workout and clean eating regimen. I have also been logging in my food and work out productivity into MyFitnessPal. Now I should start by saying that I am not by all means doing this to calorie count because I know that calorie counting isn’t what it’s all about. I am just simply using this app to keep track of what it is I am eating and track my progress. So this morning I decided that since yesterday I was not able to get my workout in, I just would simply switch rest days instead of taking Sunday off as well like I normally do. This morning I was up by 8am and getting some laundry started, by 9am my friend Julia and I were off to Losco Park where we went for a two-mile run. Let me just say that after running a 15K I thought I was going to be some type of marathon pro or something but by a half a mile I was hurting! I guess because of the brisk weather and all the pollen, it was all just affecting me pretty bad. I made it through though, huffing, puffing, and sneezing most of the way. After that miserable run, Julia and I made our way to the benches and started doing some jumps, squats, push ups, and all this nonsense that I was just over after the first round. Julia made us lunge around this playground thing, I thought I was about to kick her butt because I was so over it but instead I just pushed through. By the end of the workout I was so happy, mainly because it was over but also because I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and with Julia’s motivation I was able to complete our outside workout. This definitely made me realize that I would like to incorporate an outside workout at least once a week because it is a completely different workout from what you do at the gym. I could say that today was probably one of the hardest workouts that I have had in a long time but I did it. I’m glad I had Julia pushing me through today’s workout because if it wasn’t for her I probably wouldn’t have even made it through the run and I would have not even done any interval training. So find a great workout partner, motivate and push each other, sometimes you just need a little encouragement to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Happy Sunday peeps! Just because it’s “the day of rest” doesn’t mean you can’t rest after a great workout!

Xoxo Jaz



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