Gate River Run- My first 15K

To be honest I was 100% completely not ready for this 15K race. The Gate River Run is the largest 15K in the nation and I had signed up the week before without any training and without even running since November 2013 when I ran my 1st 10k, which I didn’t prepare for much also. Why do I get myself in these situations? Because I get over ambitious! I love the thought of running in a race and being some hardcore fitness guru (which I’m most definitely not), crossing the finish line, and awarded that hard earned medal in the end. It all sounds great until you realized that you haven’t trained, haven’t run in months, and are still recovering from a crazy bachelorette cruise get away and returning home to birthday extravaganzas. The race was on March 15th and there I was signing up for The Gate River Run on March 12th only because I told my friends who were also participating that I would. I immediately began buying gallon jugs of water to start hydrating because I was afraid after all the partying I had endured that past couple of weeks, I figured that hydration was most definitely needed. On the day of the race I was nervous yet excited. I rode downtown with my friends Julia and Sarah and had already been in contact with Alba so we planned on meeting up at Wave 2. As we were waiting for the race to begin I started to think about who was I really there for? Was it really for my friends that I told I wouldn’t bail on? No, I was there for me. I knew that I was able to complete this race, I knew that I have surprised myself before when I had entered my 1st race which was a 10K and ran it straight in 1:07. I could do it! Before I knew it we were off! I suddenly felt really comfortable and decided earlier in the race that I was going to stay at my pace and do my best to keep up with my group just in case if they were a little ahead of me. After the 6th mile I felt so excited because that meant I was close to passing the 10K mark which was the farthest and longest I have ever ran and I was still trucking along so I gave myself a little pat on the back. My group stayed together the whole time, I don’t think I could have done this race without them. Whenever one of us started slowing down, we all synced our paces and whenever someone picked up the pace we pushed harder. By the 7th mile I started feeling as though I had reached my limit but with the awesome crowd that we had along the way I kept going. The crowd was great, they just made you feel so special and kept reminding you with signs to keep going. The signs that personally made me continue running was the ones that said, “don’t stop the camera is watching!” I automatically was like I don’t want to be “that person” walking! I am proud to say I ran about 7 ½ miles straight before I started power walking the climb towards the bridge. The Hart Bridge aka the Green Monster. That bridge was a killer but as soon as we made it past the hump and started descending, we all booked it knowing that it was all almost over! Our goal was to make it under 2hours and we proudly crossed that finish line at 1:57. Moral of my story is, remember to hydrate after you get back from vacation and to never underestimate yourself.

Happy running peeps!

Xoxo Jaz




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