Gate River Run… I Ran, I Conquered and Then I Needed Water

Jasmine (Right) and I prior to the start of the Gate River Run race.

Jasmine (Right) and I prior to the start of the Gate River Run race.

Saturday March 15, 2014 at around 8:30am I ran the 15k Gate River Run in Jacksonville, Fl and it went great — especially for not training for the run, at all. If you read my last post, you know that my friend and fellow blogger Jasmine convinced me to do it, and that day that she urged me to sign up I went out and ran 9 miles just to make sure I could run the race.  The feelings that you get prior to a race are quite particular, indeed. You’re nervous, excited, sometimes a little bit antsy and sometimes you have to poop! Whatever your feeling at the time, normally, all goes away once you cross that huge start line (that also indicates your timing chip to start). I felt such a rush, just like last year. As soon as the crowd started moving, I nearly left the group of girls I met up with and got into my running zone. It was absolutely amazing.  As I ran I focused on the music coming through my headphones and baby that “***Flawless” by Beyoncé had me pumped! No one could tell me anything, I felt like I was running as fast as Sonya Richards Ross, although she’s a sprinter and I was only running a 9 – 10 minute pace, but that’s besides the point!

As the race continued, I began to think about the Green Monster; the huge bridge that marks the end of the race.

Running up the "Green Monster"

Running up the “Green Monster”

 After crossing over the bridge, one normally feels kind of like a superhero, kind of like the guy that was dressed as Venom, the dark and bad version of Spiderman. I’m sure he really wanted to be Spiderman, but Venom looks just a little cooler.
The Black Spiderman aka "Venom"

The Black Spiderman aka “Venom”

As the race continued, I had too many things running through my mind (you get it?). I started thinking about water. Did I hydrate enough? My thighs. Why are my muscles aching? I need a massage. My pre-running rituals. Should I have ran those 6 miles on Wednesday? Which I probably shouldn’t have because I never run long distances the week of the run. It’s just one of my normal pre-race rituals. Still, At the end of the day, I conquered that Green Monster! Once I ran across the finish line, the only thing that sounded good was water, and a bath.  I felt so accomplished and proud and the fact that I was able to complete the run for a third year in a row is just bananas! My time was a bit slower than last years. Last year I ran it in 1hr and 32 min, while this year I ran it in 1hr 47min; but I’m not mad at all. The fact that I went out there, ran with a bunch of energized people, without having trained one bit, makes up for the time I accumulated. Besides, I already know what I’m capable of, so for that I pat myself on the back.

I will say this, I never thought a run could whoop my butt so bad and feel good at the same time! Look at how I exhausted I look.
Me, after the run. #tootired #exhausted #cansomeonegetmeanotherbottleofwaterplease

Me, after the run. #tootired #exhausted #cansomeonegetmeanotherbottleofwaterplease

To top it off, I couldn’t properly stretch because I was so tired and I needed carbs! At the end of the day, I ran those 9.3 miles like a BOSS and conquered that long bridge, to say I’m super proud is an UNDERSTATEMENT. 😉

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