To Race or Not to Race…That is the Question

On March 15, 2014 the Annual Gate River Run will take place in downtown Jacksonville. The Gate River Run is a 15k race, the largest 15k race in America. I had decided back in January that I would be participating within the race. Have I since January prepared for this race? No, no I have not. Have I been choosing to enjoy a bachelorette cruise and a weeklong celebration of mine and my sister’s birthday? Why yes, yes I have. I am dehydrated, bloated, exhausted, and am in pure disbelief that I have agreed to participate The Gate River Run this Saturday.


The Gate River Run 2013 Image credit via Facebook @ Gate River Run Team Gate

I am absolutely terrified that I’m going to fail horribly and have to get picked up in one of those “no man gets left behind” shuttle buses. Like I said though, I told myself that I would do it so, therefore, I am going to suffer through this brutal race. I am literally depending on keeping hydrated and eating healthy all this week so that I can just have somewhat of a shot of doing a mediocre at best in this race.

The only person to blame is myself for not properly preparing for this race. To be honest I slacked off, I will admit it. I partied hard this past week and I am definitely paying for it to the max. I even decided to give up drinking for a while because I feel like when I drink I stay up late, when I stay up late – I don’t get enough sleep or wake up early enough to workout, when I don’t work out – I do not burn any calorie intake, and last when I don’t work out I also make bad choices in what I decide to eat.

The moral of the story is that sometimes the choices you make become habits. Just don’t create bad habits because later on when you see that you have made little to no progress, the only person to blame is yourself. I have decided now that I will start a good habit by taking the little time I have to prepare for this race. I am going to try to do well to the best of my ability and that is the best that I can do.



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