Meal Prepping for a First Timer

Today is Sunday and for most body builders, fitness junkies and gym heads it means MEAL PREP Sunday. For those of you who don’t know, meal prepping is basically cooking your food for the week (or a few days) and putting it in food storage containers. It’s a way to have your meals ready, especially if your on a tight schedule, or are trying to eat 5-6 times a day. It’s also good because you know exactly what your consuming and it’s cost effective. When your on a path to a healthier life, food prepping can become one of the best tools, especially when it’s combined with a good exercise regimen. Also, if your always full you save money, avoid temptation and properly fuel yourself healthily for your body and your workouts!

Well, as the title states “Meal Prepping for a First Timer” it was my first time meal prepping for the week. I’ve always been a healthy eater, I cook most if not all of my food but I’m always taking my time cooking. So, I finally decided that I would try meal prepping my lunches, dinners and some snacks for the week to save me some time and properly fuel my body for workouts. Also, I figured I could be more consistent with my meals and my portion sizes. After all of the time I spent, I must say I am pretty content, but boyyyy was I unprepared.

Here are the facts:

  • It took me about 4-5 hrs, (if done correctly it should only take about 2).

    I did a little something something in the kitchen!

    I did a little something something in the kitchen!

  • I watched two full movies while I was cooking, Thor & Iron Man 2; I couldn’t multitask and I wasted time.
  • I was looking up recipes right before I started cooking; (I knew what I wanted to cook, but not how to cook it. Un-prepared).
  • I forgot to thaw out my ground Turkey meat, (even more time wasted).
  • I was cooking and washing my dishes at the same time, (I’ve never used my dishwasher, bad experience).

***I didn’t burn anything. I didn’t cut myself. I didn’t hurt anyone***

What an experience, huh?

After all of the time I spent, I must say I am pretty content, but boyyyy what I unprepared.

The Meals – Iceberg lettuce medley with sliced cucumbers, grape tomatoes and sautéed chicken breast (3 containers). Baked sweet potatoes with baked asparagus, steamed broccoli and easy peasy Turkey meatballs, that came out delicious by the way (4 containers).

The Snacks – Sliced strawberries which you can place them in just about anything like; Greek yogurt, oatmeal, and ezekial toast with almond butter, (to name a few). Also some celery sticks grape tomatoes which are also great with any healthy dipping sauces; I like eating them with almond butter.

All in all, I would have to say that I wish I would have planned and prepared myself better because it took me entirely too long but now I know better for next Sunday. Next week, I will have my recipes prepared, my ingredients ready (and thawed) and some good music in the background (probably

End Result, timely and yet successful !

End Result, timely and yet successful !

Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor type music). Time is key, and so is less distraction try not to watch movies like I did! Remember to prepare!

Giving thanks to the Freckle Foodie for Baked Sweet Potato instructions; Wishful chef for her amazing Baked Turkey Meatball recipe; Simply recipes for the Roasted Asparagus recipe; and Google because without it I would not have found them and meal prepped semi-succesfully!



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