Moving Your Body for a Healthier State of Mind

What messes with our minds and the state of which they’re in? Stress. Which can easily lead to depression, over eating, suicides, and basically, just a disruption of your whole life.

Humans are generally always busy, especially in the twenty-first century. We’re all connected wirelessly to pretty much everything like: our jobs, our calendars, are loved ones — you name it and theres more than likely an app on our phones that allows us to be connected to it. It’s the information age, what do you expect, right? Well, I find it sometimes challenging to manage all the things that are going on in my life even with smart phones, because really, at the end of the day it can’t do all the thinking for me. I still have to make the decision to get up and go to work, eat my healthy 5 -6 meals a days, tend to my social activities with other human beings, get my fitness part in, and of course remember that I have school and homework that needs to be done. It’s easy for someone to go a little cray-cray (crazy).

Employing fitness into my schedule has been one of the biggest stress relievers to date, and as we all know stress can get pretty heavy on the brain. Sometimes, when I’m just so out of it, I put on my running shoes and I get up and go; I’m almost instantly at ease. Why? Because exercising actually relieves stress. A certified athletic and personal trainer, Frank Lupin, states for an Everyday Health article; “When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, which are hormones that fight stress.” Aren’t our bodies awesome?

I know that sometimes exercising can feel like more of a hassle than an actual stress reliever, but all exercising doesn’t have to be super hard-core, jumping up and down type of exercise to relieve stress.

Image Credit via Google Images

Image Credit via Google Images

Here are my top five low-impact exercise stress relievers to help forget the troubles, make you sweat, and free your mind.

  1. Walking at a brisk pace — Doesn’t matter whether your with your baby in the stroller, walking the dog or by yourself with your favorite music on your iPod, Mp3 or phone – just walk.
  2. Yoga — Yes, it is great for the cute tights and spandex, but also great for finding inner peace and relaxing the mind and soul. It helps us focus on the internal instead of all of the external influences that we seem to pay the most attention to that causes our stress! Gentle yoga, or yoga for beginners is normally recommended for stress relievers.
  3. Biking — Have you even seen an upset biker on the beach? Me either. Biking anywhere can give you a sense of peace. Doesn’t feeling the wind in your hair or against your skin sound good? Of course it does.
  4. Swimming — It helps if you know how to swim, but in case you don’t, just being in the water and floating or letting the waves drift you here and there (but be careful) can also work too.
  5. Dancing  — Zumba, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Ballet (if you know how) or funky dancing with your kids, nieces and/or nephews works too! It’s a great way to let a loose and have fun while your doing it.

The point of it all is to keep moving and/or distract your mind from what ever it is that is making you stress. And don’t forget how awesome you are. Try one of these low-impact exercises when your feeling a little overwhelmed and I’m positive you’ll feel better and on your way to a healthier state of mind.



2 thoughts on “Moving Your Body for a Healthier State of Mind

  1. vanessadelarosa says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Last night the last thing I wanted to do was get on the bike, but after I did for only 30 minutes, my whole attitude and outlook have made a significant positive shift. I really do want to try Zumba soon… every fitness blog I read mentions it at some point!

    • fitnesslife24 says:

      I’ll still normally go for a run, especially on a nice day does wonders on my feelings 🙂 I’ve tried Zumba a couple of times, it’s a lot of fun even if your rhythm challenged! Its all about moving your body, and having fun!

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