When Life Gives You Lemons, Throw Them in Your Water

Let’s face it, life isn’t fair and it really doesn’t care about your plans. The best we can do is learn to work with it. When I used to feel stressed out there were a few things I liked to do such as cry, eat, or go to the movies and just shut myself off from everything. None of these things helped me in the long run though. Sometimes yes, a good cry scientifically will make you feel better, but if you’re crying non stop then I would recommend seeing someone about it. Emotionally eating didn’t help me in the long run because I would just eat foods that comforted me at that moment but made me feel sick later and chunky! Going to the movies is always fun for me and I still do it every now and then when I just need to decompress but have you noticed how expensive movie tickets have become? I’m a college student! Even when I have money, I don’t have money! Let’s face it, everyone has their own situation with trying to balance out their lives, but key is to find something that enables you to relive stress more positively.

As a college student, I not only have to worry about school but also two jobs (with one which is where I do my internship I have), I’m in three weddings that are all within 7 months of each other, family time, friends time, and I’m also in a long distance relationship which is difficult enough but I need to be able to visit every 2-3 months. Things get hectic, the one thing that I am actually happy about even though I miss my boyfriend terribly, is that he is not here at this VERY hectic point in my life. I am able to concentrate in school and my job without worrying about the time I haveto put aside with him. Regardless, with my schedule and the responsibilities that I have along with my type of personality, it is very easy for me to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. Everyone is different, everyone handles stress differently. Since I don’t handle stress that well, being an emotional person (sometimes), I have to take everything day by day, hour by hour. I put myself on a schedule to prevent J.M.B.D aka Jaz’s Mental Break Down.

Keeping myself on a schedule has helped feel so much better. I have Timed Exercise everyday Monday-Friday at 7:15 am, that way I make sure I get my workout in even if I don’t get a chance to do some cardio in at night time like I would normally like to do. Working out in the morning makes me feel 110% better and also just gets my day going to a positive start. I get home and I get some breakfast in and get ready to be at work either at 9:30am or 10am depending on what job I’m going into first. During work I eat my prepped meals if I don’t have a lunch set up with a friend since I try to set up a lunch with one of my friends at least once a week so we can stay up to date. After work I go to either school, work, gym, or take the time to hang out with myfriends.

I try to make my days as productive as possible but I do realize the best way for me to distress is to just simply get my butt to the gym. I have to constantly remind myself how much better I feel after I get a work out in as opposed to stuffing my face with food that I would love to eat without gaining a pound. I love just jamming out to my favorite songs that really just motivate me to get moving. Once I’m finished my workout I feel a lot more relaxed and remind myself, “that this too shall pass,” if I am having a bad day. When you’re healthy, you’re happy. So be happy and squeeze the lemons that life throws at you in your water!





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