Role Models are Real People too

Image provided via Facebook @ Jessica Arevalo

Image provided via Facebook @ Jessica Arevalo

Everyone could use a great role model, even if the goal is to be a great role model yourself. I have had some great fitness role models to look up to. I found them via social media and what I have learned is that the best role model is one that shows you that they themselves are human. There are times that they fall off track and they post something about their personal trials. For example, Jessica Arevalo a well known fitness competitor. She is probably my biggest fitness girl crush. She is gorgeous and has competed in so many competitions. One of the biggest reasons that she one of my biggest role models is because she also doesn’t hide the challenges that she faces and the struggles that she goes through to look the way she does and her will power to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle. I admire the people who are not afraid to show how hard they work for where they are.

Another great role model for me is Taralynn McNitt. Taralynn is a blogger. I came across her blog when I was 19 and she was the one who inspired me in the first place to get healthy. Taralynn is actually around my age and had been in a verbally abusive relationship just like I had been when I was younger. I was able to relate and connect with a lot of what Taralynn blogged about. By following her I felt like I was following her ways to gain confidence in myself just as she was gaining her confidence and learning to be healthy. In a way I felt as though we were trying to reach a certain goal together without us knowing each other. In a way that is what makes a great blogger, someone who can blog about something that just automatically draws you in because you can relate and feel for that person and their struggles because you go through them yourself.

 I admire the people who are not afraid to show how hard they work for where they are.

I don’t see myself as a role model, I see myself as someone who tries to be better than I was yesterday, everyday. There are times that I feel overwhelmed, insecure, not exactly happy about my body image; but then I think, I’m not the only one and if these people that I look up to have the same days like I do and they can snap out of it and continue living a healthy lifestyle, then so can I. The important thing in life is to try, if we don’t try then we will never know about the what ifs.




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