You Got It? Flaunt It!…but do it RIGHT!

When it comes to workout clothes, I pretty much only go to one place that has variety and affordable prices and that’s Marshalls. Marshalls is heaven sent for me because I generally am a big bargain shopper. The most important thing when it comes to work out clothes is the fit. There is nothing worse than a camel toe, breast spilling out of your sports bra, or constantly picking up your pants or shorts because they are too big.

Ladies: I’m probably a little too blessed and have a natural bra size of a 32GShopping at Marshalls aka back ache. With that being said, I am forced to either wear two sports bras to keep the girls secured or splurge on a good sports bra. Moving Comfort is the brand that works for me, though a bit pricey, it’s well worth the investment. I am able to wear this bra without having to double up with another bra and it holds me really well. Nothing is better than having a sports bra that is comfortable, adjustable, and of course, cute. I feel like I could run around doing handstands and cart wheels – but I can’t, so I won’t.

Pants, I’m also pretty blessed in the rear but being smaller in the waist creates a problem for me. That’s why I take my plump rear to Marshalls where I can get brands such as Jockey, Under Armor, Yoga Girl, and Avia. Even though I have a bit (okay a lot) of junk in the trunk, I still get a size Medium because of my waist being smaller and also because your pants stretch throughout your workout. If your pants get loose throughout your workout, you could be focusing more on pulling up your pants rather than your form. Getting a good length is also very important. I love that in general, clothes designers have finally realized that not everyone is going to be able to wear the same length or style. Everyone is different and there are different body shapes. I’m standing at a proud fun sized height of 5’3 ( I think I’m really 5’2 but I had them write 5’3 on my license, so 5’3 it is) and because of my fun sized height, I usually op for pants that are ankle length or that hit just below my knee. Those lengths keep me from looking stocky and also not stepping on the back of my pant legs.

Shorts are not really my favorite option but hey if you have legs for days, then flaunt them. I am working on my legs, definitely my biggest challenge but once I get them toned and muscular then I will probably rock them all the time! I personally believe that it is essential to wear compression shorts when you’re wearing shorts, especially when running. Nike has the coolest and funky colors that I love.

Men: You guys can pretty much wear anything to the gym. You don’t really care what matches or how it looks so I think that just proves more so why your lives are easier than the ladies.

Overall: When you look good, you feel good, but it’s a process. You might not see 5lbs dropped or definition in your muscles yet but knowing that you’re doing at least something every day – even if it’s choosing an apple over a chocolate bar – that’s progress. Embrace your body, love it and yourself.




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