No Time for Gym? No Problem.

Hey guys,  Alba here, so I want to discus the problem of not being able to go to the gym. Let’s face it, when regular, normal, un-super active people like myself decide to start on a workout regimen, we can find a million and one reasons why we can’t go to the gym or just “work out.” What are the reasons? Why do we do that? It’s because we think we have no time. I mean we know we should try to make time, but sometimes we’re so busy that we neglect to go to the gym, or go on a walk, do yoga or take that spinning class you always wanted to try! But there’s a solution to that problem, especially if you’re on a path to being fit: we find ways in our ordinary lives to be active without stepping foot in the gym.

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How many of us have been there?

For example, on some days when I have class all day, and I know I won’t make it to the gym, I make sure to park all the way at the back of the parking lot. Boom! A few extra calories burned right there; or, let’s say, I’m studying for an exam at night – you know, pulling an all nighter – what I can do to fit some type of workout is to set a reminder on my phone so that every half hour (or an hour) I’ll take a break and do some activities like; crunches, push-ups and leg lifts. And just like that I’ve worked out, burned some calories and can still get back to my homework. Not to mention working out (exercising) can give you more energy. There are studies that prove it! Experts at WebMD also have quite a few statistics that researchers found when doing studies on exercise fighting fatigue and boosting energy.

Laura, blogger of Heavenly Homemakers, also did a bit of her own research with the question of “Why does using energy to exercise give us more energy?” She asked, Jen from GettingfitwithJen and the response was simple — it’s because of the increased blood flow. Which makes sense when you think about it, because sometimes your heart is just really pumping after an amazing workout. Normally, when I work out late at night I’ll usually be up for a lot longer, then if I didn’t workout at night. Try it, and let me know, I’ll wait to say “I told you so!”

At the end of the day we’re always going to be busy because we all have things to do. I have school, family, a job but I know what my goals are. Therefore, even when I can’t go on that long run, or spend 1 – 2 hours at the gym, I find time to keep moving. Fitting in a little bit of a workout here and there can and will go a long way. Mommies can squat with their baby’s, or simply take them to the park to hang out and play. Business professionals can take the stairs (or at least some of them) instead of always taking the elevator to the office. Greatist actually has an article on 33 ways of working out at work! See, its not hard. If you can find time to stand up for a while, instead of sitting down you’ll also be burning calories too!  

Please do not let not being able to go the gym be the reason why you can’t work out, there are always options. Always.

– Alba


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